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    67 .COM domains released

    In a joint order by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcementand the Homeland Security Investigations, the seizure of 67commercial website domain names has been executed. These seized domain names are all .com. The respective websites allegedly “engaged in the illegal sale and distribution of...
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    Buy a House Using 6N .com

    This is an interesting story published on eName. A domain investor named Yao ZHANG bought a nice house using no money but 400 of his 6N .com domain names. It started a year ago when ZHANG spent 2m CNY to buy the mobile phone number 15388888888. This made big news and he was interviewed on the...
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    Two letter .com domain DY.com reported as “sold” for a $900k minimum

    According to domain broker, James Booth, who did not broker the domain personally, DY.com was confirmed as “sold” by its seller; the price was in excess of $900,000 dollars. There is currently no WHOIS change and DY.com still displays a “For sale” landing page. DY.com was registered in 1995...
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    Trending Keywords In .COM & .NET

    The top 10 trending keywords registered in .COM and .NET domain names during the month of March 2016 were published by Verisign, the .com and .net registry. Source
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    Most popular domain extensions for startups in Q1 2016

    After analyzing 3101 newly funded start-ups that raised a combined 11.2+ billion dollars in funding during 2015, I’m back with a Q1 report for the new year which is based on 1085 newly funded startups who raised a whopping 5.1 billion dollars in funding during the first 3 months of 2016...
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    UDRP filed against Patricks.com

    A UDRP has been filed against the Patricks.com domain name. The complainant is listed as a company called Patricks Universal Export Pty Ltd. A Whois record shows that Patricks.com was originally registered in December of 1997. The domain name is currently parked, and I presently see advertising...
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    GoDaddy’s New Portfolio Purchase Includes 17 2 Letter .com’s

    The Elite Domains Group portfolio purchase by GoDaddy includes at least 17, two letter .com domain names. fj.com ts.com vt.com wv.com dv.com mw.com ak.com bs.com eq.com er.com fh.com gh.com gk.com jc.com lf.com nh.com ov.com Minimum wholesale value on 2 letter .com domain names is north of...
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    Owner of HighbrowMagazine.com demands Highbrow.com

    Company that owns Highbrow.com paid about $20,000 for the domain name. The owner of an online publication at HighbrowMagazine.com has threatened the owners of Highbrow.com, demanding that they turn the domain name over to her. Highbrow.com’s owner has filed a lawsuit in federal district court...
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    EHF.com Lost in UDRP

    A three member UDRP panel just handed over the three letter domain name EHF.com to the European Handball Federation The panel of Flip Jan Claude Petillion, John Swinson and The Hon Neil Brown Q.C. found that the domain was parked, listed for sale for $150,000, owned by someone who is in the...
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    Machine Zone acquired MZ.com

    It appears that a large gaming company called Machine Zone may have acquired the two letter MZ.com domain name. The Whois registrant for MZ.com is currently listed as Marksmen, Inc., and the domain name shows a website for Machine Zone. Among other things, Marksmen acquires domain names on...
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    Jinsha.com ending bid was $700,010 on Dropcatch.com

    Ending price for Jinsha.com on Dropcatch.com was $700,010. Source
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    Sedo Weekly Transactions Total $1.4million led by Career.net at $85,000

    Over the past week, 558 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.4m. 56% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Highlights of public sales are: · Top .com: taiwantrade.com at 51,765 USD · Top ccTLD: sparstrumpf.de at 47,600 EUR · Top...
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    Telepathy, Inc. hit with UDRP over generic domain Fakir.com

    Nat Cohen’s company, Telepathy, Inc., maintains a strong portfolio of generic domain names; according to company policy, they redirect inquiries via SecuredOffers.com. There is a $19 dollar charge per inquiry. By doing so, Telepathy, Inc. filters out the casual stream of spam, lowball offers...
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    Mike Mann Thinks Sales Of 2-Word .Com Domains Will Increase

    Mike Mann made a Facebook post talking about a new trend he is seeing lately: two word .Com domains sales seem to increase. This is not something new. 2-word domains have always been selling but I think that Mike talks about something bigger here. My theory was that investors would overdo a...
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    Chinese domain name registrar knocks GoDaddy off .Com Perch

    Chinese registrants helped .com surge toward the end of 2015 as they registered millions of short domain names. Here are the top 5 registrars from October, the most recent official numbers available: 1. eName 1,060,158 2. GoDaddy* 859,815 3. HiChina 658,594 4. HangZhou AiMing Network Co...
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    .Com Tops 125 Million Domain Registrations

    According to Verisign, the number of .Com registration crossed the 125 million mark in the Domain Name Base. The active zone file is just over 124 Million domain names. In January 2014 the number of .com registrations stood at 112 Million. By the end of 2014, the number of .com registrations...
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    Taco Bell revealing Quesalupa during Super Bowl & Quesalupa.com in pending delete

    Matching domain name is about to drop. It looks like Taco Bell’s Super Bowl 50 ad this evening will unveil the Quesalupa. As the name implies, it’s a chalupa filled with cheesy goodness (and probably a bit of heartburn). I assumed Taco Bell would snap up the Quesalupa.com domain name ahead of...
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    Pat Kane NamesCon 2016 Keynote: .com is Very Much Alive

    Pat Kane, Senior Vice President of Naming and Directory Services at Verisign, is responsible for the policy and operational management of all TLDs operated by Verisign, including .com and .net, as well as the development of additional tools and services created to support Verisign’s channel...
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    Opportunity cost of not owning your .COM

    The valuation of .com type-in traffic (when a user navigates directly to a website by entering the domain name in the browser) has been a matter of debate for some years. “Simply put, if you don’t own the .COM, you are helping the guy that does. He will end up with a percentage of your...
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    Close to 3.1 Million Domain Names Registered in the Third Quarter of 2015

    Approximately 3.1 million domain names were registered in the third quarter of 2015, bringing the total number of registered domain names close to 299 million worldwide across all top-level domains (TLDs) as of Sept. 30, 2015, according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief by Verisign. The...

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