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    Chinese domain market sales : More debt ahead as margin trading changes

    According to Bloomberg, China Securities Finance Corp., the state-backed agency that provides funding to brokerages for margin trading, will restart offering loans to securities firms at lower interest rates. Last year, a surge in margin loans fueled the stock boom in the first half and...
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    Chinese domain market sales : On the long way to market recovery

    China has been the focal point of many financial analysts in the past 18 months. The Asian giant and 2nd biggest economy in the world, has changed by leaps and bounds in the years since the House of Representatives blocked the export of satellite technology to China. Those were the years of...
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    Chinese domain sales : Stock market down $1.8 Trillion this year!

    The Chinese stock market has been down a staggering $1.8 trillion dollars in 2016 and there is no indication of how much longer oversold stocks will continue to sell. Stock pushers in the Chinese stock market created the type of oversupply that definitely is reflected in other markets...
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    Chinese domain sales : Bear stock market fears affecting domain investing?

    The Chinese stock market ended its week with a loss, closing down 3.6% on Friday; that’s more than 20% below its high in December. An oncoming bear market in China should be taken into consideration, as far as domain name investments go, particularly as analysts have warned of the chance for...

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