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    Chaomi.CC gets a striking replicator at

    Chaomi.CC is the Chinese domestic domain market price ticker. The data gets updated every half an hour and works like a stock market ticker. It helps us to understand what’s going on in the Chinese market real time. The news is that it gets a competitor at loads much faster...
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    Interview with domain investor Ping Jing

    Today’s post is based on a recent interview with domain investor Ping Jing (平静 = tranquility, a nickname) published on eName. Ping Jing works in the internet advertising space and domain investment is only his hobby. He started domain investment in 2007 when he was working as a webmaster, so his...
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    A personal experience related to Chinese domain names

    I just experienced an issue that can be said about Chinese consumers when they try to remember domain names. Recently our car finally rested in peace and a friend was generous enough to lend a car to us for a while. After the car was delivered to us today, it presents a new challenge for us: a...
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    Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-18-2016

    Dai Yue, founder of and, acquired a double pinyin domain (haozhai: mansions) for a high-seven figure CNY price (close to $1.5 million USD). It is said that the seller once got $20 million USD offer for the domain and website. Domainer Ma Yi bought for...
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    Chinese Domainer Maizi Acquired Another Two Letter Domain!

    Chinese Domainer Maizi acquired single pinyin domain (niao means birds in Chinese)and another two letter domain after he has owned,,, and Several numeric domains were sold in auctions. was sold for ¥194,000(approximately $29K USD)...
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    Chinese Market Daily Report on 8-31-2016

    Double pinyin domain read, Dong: understand) was sold for $50,000 USD and it has been built into a media website specialized in New OTC Market. Domainer Muxing sold a double pinyin domain for six figure CNY fee to an end user buyer. chip was sold for...
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    Two Domains Changed hands for Seven Figure CNY Fee was acquired by Chinese domainer Zhangyao for low seven figure CNY fee. was acquired by Chinese domainer Maizi for seven figure CNY fee, who also has,, and was sold for six figure CNY fee. The buyer may use it to build a online game website...
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    John Xu – Story Behind 4.CN

    John Xu, known as the founder of, his Chinese name is Xu Jun/Xu Caijun. John was born in Wenzhou, a city famous for its success in the business world. Now John lives in Hangzhou, which is one of the most important cities in Chinese domaining industry (the other one is Xiamen). John Xu is...
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    Chinese End-users are Fond of “N+mall” Domains in Mall Times

    To carry out better brand building and promotion, recently a domestic leading B2B2C open platform officially announced that it will launch its new domain name Before this, its name was, although compared to it differs for just one letter in length, is...
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    Chinese Domaining Masterclass Concludes With Numbers 0 And 10

    Here are the previous 9 installments: the number 7 the number 3 the number 4 the number 8 the number 9 the number 5 the number 6 the number 1 the number 2 0: 零; Pinyin: Líng The number zero precedes all other numbers, so in Chinese culture it is employed to stand for “the source,” “the...
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    Wuyu ‘dumps’ 300+ Chips in one move!

    The news of dropping prices among the LLLL .com investors finally arrived in China. Until now, small domain portfolios were being offered for sale, discreetly and under the pretext of cashing in. Now, large domain portfolio holders are dumping dozens or even hundreds of domains in one move. The...
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    Many ordinary Chinese citizens remain enthusiastic about investing in domain names

    From an insider’s perspective, Colin Campbell thinks Chinese investor’s preference for short, numeric names is very reasonable. “I have seen in China a number of the short-character letters “nn” or “LLL”; they’ve been trading very well in the marketplace. In fact they are almost liquid to the...

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