1. domainking131

    Bitcoin Has Barely Reached 1% of its Potential: Expert Blog

    Will there ever be such an exchange or is this just science fiction? In this hypothetical world, 1 Bitcoin is worth $1,000,000 and 1 Satoshi (1 millionth of a Bitcoin) is worth $1.00. There is no consensus on what the value of one Bitcoin is or should be. The spectrum of opinions ranges from...
  2. domainking131

    Collapse of Bitcoin Inevitable According to Harvard Economics Professor

    Bitcoin's future is undoubtedly tough to predict. The pundits either believe it will go to the moon or collapse. The latest to join the league of those predicting the demise of Bitcoin is Kenneth Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard University. Who is Kenneth Rogoff? Ken Rogoff is a...
  3. domainking131

    Do Domain Names and Bitcoin overlap? Rick thinks yes, Konstantinos thinks no

    Last night, legendary domain name investor Rick Schwartz tweeted about how surprised he is that more people don’t see the connection between domain names and Bitcoin. To which, Konstantinos from chimed in to say that he doesn’t see an overlap – just competition for the same...
  4. domainking131

    Bitcoin ‘Will Not Become Legal’ In India Without ‘Monitoring,’ Says Chief Economist

    Bitcoin “will not become legal” in India unless a suitable organization “monitors” it, a high-profile economist has forecast. Speaking to local news outlet Economic Times, SP Sharma chief economist at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Delhi, said that Bitcoin’s gray area status in the...
  5. CyberKing - A FREE URL Shortening Tool with QR Code and Analytics

    Launching our FREE URL Shortening service on a dot IN - What better way to put a LLL to use? Link To You ( is a FREE SERVICE which includes features like: a. Shortening Long URLs b. Masking Affiliate Links c. Tracking Specific Online Website Events Globally d) Generating a QR Code for...
  6. CyberKing - Live cryptocurrency price market!

    From name registration to launch in 30 minutes! Build from a custom API script using JQuery and PHP. is a simple informational website that is very useful for those into Bitcoins, Ethereum and other 999+ cryptocurremcies for tick by tick prices, in multiple local currencies! Coming...
  7. domainking131 sold for nearly $50k

    In last week’s DNJournal weekly sales report, was reported as sold at a $48,888 sale price via Rupii/GoDaddy. This sale ranks on DNJournal as the 56th largest public domain name sale of the year, and it is the seventh largest public domain name sale of the year so far...
  8. Sarfraz S

    Buy one Get One: & & Domain names are for sale. Expiration Date : July 2018 Godaddy Push and Paypal payment Please make offer via PM
  9. domainking131

    Bitcoin Scaling 101: A few things you should know about Bitcoin scaling

    Bitcoin Scaling 101 The basic idea: People want to see Bitcoin support greater transaction volumes The complexity: People don’t agree on how they want to do this The proposals: There are three proposals on the table (that have gained the most steam) for increasing transaction volumes, one is...
  10. Sarfraz S

    Please appraise Also registered
  11. domainking131 - For the crypto currency market

    Do you know that there are more than 750 crypto currencies out there? Yes, that's right.. More than 750! While we may have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum and maybe Ripple, check out the list of all those crypto currencies, their market capital, current price, circulating...
  12. domainking131

    Did you make money in bitcoin surge?

    There were a lot of domainers who sold their domain names in exchange for bitcoins. A domainer friend I know sold his domain names for bitcoins when the pricing was around $800. He accumulated a total of around 1000 bitcoins, almost 50% by direct buying and and 50% by selling domain names. And...
  13. indy

    1 BTC in exchange for 9 domains

    9 domains in exchange for 1 BTC Only accepting Bitcoin for all domain transactions!

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