1. L

    Financial domains for sale All domains registered with Namecheap and are valid for almost a year. Renewal at normal rates applicable to .com extension. Domains can be offered for purchase at Namecheap (Marketplace) and/or DAN.
  2. CyberKing


    Given the potential revival of crypto's in India have plans to launch a trading platform, lending platform and more. Currently the site offers live streaming quotes. Check it JINI - Branding 1. A supernatural creature who does one's bidding when summoned. 2. A...
  3. Gaurav74,,

    Domain:,, Registrar: Godaddy Domain Expiry: 2020 Starting Bid: $100 Bid Increments: $2 or more BIN - $1000 End Time: 120 hours after last bid Payment Option: PayPal Visit : for more crypto domains
  4. H (IDN)

    SELLING (IDN) See picture attached. Trillion dollar market! Please ask questions or submit highest offer.
  5. CyberKing - A sale and development story that needs to be told?

    I did not find any reference on this forum to this sale on Flippa of for USD 1500 in 2017 on 2017-03-05 However I see it is a fully developed site and put to great use with unique URL Shortening business model tied to payouts with Bitcoin - I think this is a terrific end user buy! Zap...
  6. Gaurav | Flippa Auction

    Auction URL - This is your chance to own one of the hottest domains in the blockchain world. We've seen blockchain related domains sell like hotcakes over the last couple of months. sold for $15,000 (Sedo, 2018-03-07)
  7. Domain For Sale :
  8. Domainyx Expires: December 2018 Minimum offer: $5000 You can make an offer or buy at auctions godaddy: You can learn more at Get to know our portfolio:
  9. Juana for sale on

    One of the Finest Domain Name for Sale, Book you Domain Now is available at Domain: Registrar: Corp. Registration Date: 2017-08-10 Expiration Date: 2018-08-10 Updated Date: 2018-01-19
  10. JulienJ

    New Report: Bitcoin Drug Money Laundering Is Highly Centralized

    A joint report by Center on Sanctions & Illicit Finance and Elliptic, a cryptocurrency forensics firm, has indicated that Bitcoin laundering for illicit drug activity is a highly centralized process. The report’s authors, Yaya Fanusi and Tom Robinson, indicate that much of illicit Bitcoin is...
  11. JulienJ

    Bitcoin typo in .org with a $10,000 auction bid

    Either someone misread something and didn’t see the typo or one of the greatest typo sales is about to take place on Sedo. Regged since 2011, closing in 4 hours has one bid. Offer Views 859 Bids 1 Watcher 3 Traffic 463 Maybe someone knows something, but that is one hell of a...
  12. JulienJ

    Will Bitcoin Continue to Rise and Inevitably Fall?

    Bitcoin, like fiat currency, at its core is a concept. If enough people buy into the concept, then it has value. What I was commenting in my previous article is not whether you should buy or not but whether the Bitcoin was going to go up. All the indicators from volume of transactions (both...
  13. JulienJ

    BrandBucket adds bitcoin support and pitches domains to crypto fans

    Brandable domain marketplace now accepts bitcoin as payment for domains. Domain name marketplace BrandBucket is now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. To pay with bitcoin, customers checkout as usual and select “Pay With Bitcoin”. They are then given a wallet address and bitcoin...
  14. JulienJ

    Bitcoin-Only Charity Fund Donates $1 Mln To Internet Archive

    Pineapple Fund has donated $1 mln in Bitcoins to the Internet Archive this Saturday. Pineapple is a Bitcoin-only charity established in early December 2017, whose ultimate goal is to give $86 mln worth of Bitcoin to various nonprofit organizations. For early adopters, Bitcoin’s massive rise in...
  15. JulienJ

    Mining Bitcoin in the US? Best Do It In Louisiana, Study Says

    Electrical supply company Crescent Electric (CESCO) study reveals that the state of Louisiana is the cheapest state in the US to mine Bitcoin. Digital currency mining requires a lot of electric power and the power rates differ in every state. Based on CESCO’s latest study of the cost of...
  16. JulienJ

    Bitcoin at $11,800. I think its a buy. Your opinion?

    Bitcoin is currently trading at $11,800. Looks like a good buy signal to me. What is your opinion about bitcoin at this price?
  17. johnnywj


  18. domainventure

    Super Premium One Word Crypto Name on Sedo!

    Single Word Super Premium Crypto Name, in Sedo Auctions with low reserve!
  19. domainking131

    Bitcoin hits $16,000 mark. Where is it headed?

    Look at this chart on Bitcoin is currently trading at $16,400 as of writing this post. Where is it headed?
  20. domainking131

    PayPal Co-founder Says Blockchain Good, Bitcoin Not So Sure

    Following a number of his colleagues in the financial sphere, PayPal Co-founder Max Levchin has said that Blockchain technology is revolutionary, but he’s still not sold on Bitcoin. The wildly successful entrepreneur is open on the cryptocurrency but still unsure of its long-term stability...

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