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  1. Domainyx - (Artificial General Intelligence) AI domains are the next global trend - End User or Reseller, a great business opportunity to buy aged over 18 years. Artificial Intelligence is superheated and has not yet reached the pinnacle of what it will achieve. AI will be the short term future and having a domain name...
  2. C

    NVU.ORG (PR 4) Rank Domain

    NVU.ORG PR 4 Domain Estibot $14,000 - Since 2003 -Perfect for mobile devices - Registered till 2017 Previous dot org sales $555,650 $60,000$1,000,000$150,000$120,000 (2015)$114,000 Please PM offers As with any Logo or domain...
  3. C (The Name Speaks for itself) ! This is possibly one of the best paired keywords on the web with a trusted Dot Org extension A chance to own a Premium, one word domain (Perfect for mobile devices) - Exact Match Domain -Since 2003 -137,500 Exact Searches (domain index) - 24 million Google Search Results...

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