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    4 Letter .info domains for sales

    I have sent you a PM - interested in Thanks, G
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    Hi, Friends

    Welcome to INFORUM Talas and greetings from India.
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    Push fROm Mitsu

    Even between resellers of Mitsu - a push won't work.
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    WIPO Decision: "Ta Ta Bye Bye" to Domain Name

    Jeff, Not sure if Tata owns - though they did register in 2002. Website status for - is inactive, so tata purchased the domain but never bothered to create a site or redirect to any of it's group. If we look at other TLD's and were...
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    WIPO Decision: "Ta Ta Bye Bye" to Domain Name

    Ceres, folks often say OK See you Later or OK Tata. I didn't even know TATA had a soap by the name OK - thus enough indication that domain was not purchased to encash popularity of a soap bar (if that exists)!!!
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    first domain ever registered changes hands!

    Yep this is interesting news, and wonder why Symoblic was registered and not any other name!
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    WIPO Decision: "Ta Ta Bye Bye" to Domain Name

    There are a few acronyms (not widely used though) Acronym Definition TATATime and Time Again TATATenth Anniversary Trans Am TATAThymine Adenine Thymine Adenine (part of box binding protein) TATATransanal Abdominal Transanal Radical Proctosigmoidectomy TATA is made up of TA so TA -...
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    Correct @ Chandan, but search is always for result - not results / sorry for repetition. Well site is up and running now - and we intend to develop it as a portal, good part is that traffic has started to trickle in prompting further investment in school based .in domain names as well as...
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    What Names Can You Find?

    Nice list Ozy - you have got some good domain names with you now!
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    WIPO Decision: "Ta Ta Bye Bye" to Domain Name

    This ruling is absurd and would set a wrong precedent if any phrase contains tata? Internet traffic doesn't come just because of one part of domain name - it comes through content of a site and from what I have seen on the site, they are not using TATA anywhere other than in the domain name...
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    18,000,000 for exam result. 16,900,000 for exam results :) people would search for 'my exam result' or 'your exam result' over 'my exam results' ;) cheers
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    Thanks Kussy - however when you search in Google as an individual - you are bound to search 'singular' i.e my exam result instead of my exam results - thus the choice to go for examresult. was registered way back in 2001 - and even though it is available for sale, beyond our $$$...
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    FREE MiniSite, FREE WebHosting, FREE Email IDs + FREE URL Promotion,Submission & more

    Re: FREE MiniSite, FREE WebHosting, FREE Email IDs + FREE URL Promotion,Submission & Hi Danish, Waiting for your PM Thx
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    Please appraise a. b. Thx
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    Tweet Trademark

    What would happen to famous Tweety cartoon character (which twitter has drawn inspiration from - for the tweets) Could Warner Brothers stake claim to Twitter for TM infringement ;)
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    who mooved my pool?

    This doesn't appear to be a blocked site issue at all - but an issue with DNS service on your box. Did you run ipconfig /flushdns ? Also - if you can't ping the IP and can browse the site - I am totally lost on this one .. typically you can browse only if you can ping. tracert would have...
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    Factors to Consider When Valuing a Domain Name

    I don't use the system - however I do look at the parameters carefully (apart from the name appeal) before I judge. In my opinion - on most of the forums - folks do not use any system at all - but just go with a gut feel on estimated price. Hmmmm... may be I can develop a tool to analyze based...
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    Factors to Consider When Valuing a Domain Name

    Written in 2002 - THIS post is an excellent pointer Ceres - You may as well make it's content sticky for anyone looking at factors! Cheers
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    who mooved my pool?

    Try to browse it by IP address --> Ping IP -> Tracert to see where does it get stuck c:\>ipconfig /flushdns (to remove all entries) Clean your cache and finally if nothing works change your ISP ... :)

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