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    again. develop or hold on for 3-5yrs for value. cheers
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    develop or hold on for any value. cheers
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    reg fee. see my comments on other names. apply here as well. cheers.
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    $0. learn. cheers
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    Dildo .in / - amazing opportunity

    why does the thread say "" amazing opportunity? cheers.
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    Never, Never Buy a hosting from

    I use and bluehost, no isses with them. all izz well :) cheers
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    not sure if "Chauffeurs" is common in india. Its "driver(s)" develop else hold on for value. right now regfee IMO. cheers
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    $0. delete. its a Tm name. cheers
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    I am Mukesh

    hi mukesh. welcome to INF. cheers
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    welcome pushpa to INF. cheers
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    Hello from Dhost !!!

    welcome to INF. any promotional $1 .com regs? cheers
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    nice name. develop. cheers
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    hmmmm. Wish names start selling on estibot appraisals. "WAKE UP" we are living in a real world.
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    No value for LLL.CO.IN's ?

    it definitely depends on the name and the way you market and sell them. .in names need a 5yr outlook for deemed value and even longer. develop the names "U" think are good. cheers
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    Appraisal needed: BUX.IN

    what good news u want to hear? .in names need a 5yr outlook for value else develop them. xx for IMO. cheers
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    develop or put up an affiliate site. until then domain -reg fee. cheers
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    Hello from thesearcher

    welcome to INF. CHEERS
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    Appraisal needed: CGU.IN

    min reg fee .in names need a 5yr outlook for value else develop. cheers
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    Good Domains

    yup they are "to get ur reply" cheers.
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    Indian ecommerce websites

    good to see u r promoting the .in extension. cheers

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