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    Five LLL.INs for sale

    Following Five are for LLL.INs for sale $10 each ( ( Please post Name+SOLD to claim. - At Mitsu or Godaddy. Check whois for all details. - Free Push only to the current registrar, otherwise buyer initiates the...
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    How to transfer domain in my Mitsu Reseller account from my Mitsu Account?

    You are welcome. Basically Reseller a/c itself cannot hold/have any domain directly. It can act only as a parent for its all customers' domains..
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    How to transfer domain in my Mitsu Reseller account from my Mitsu Account?

    Yes, you have to create at least one customer a/c under your reseller a/c. Means that you have to signup at your Supersite setup. Although for this specific customer a/c, from your reseller a/c you can turn off invoicing options. Then when you, as a customer, buy any product(domain/hosting), you...
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    Domain marketplaces blocked in India

    Just checked, sedo & buydomains are just returning as Empty response. i am using Vodafone Connection and Google DNS from India. Looks like they are blocking any address with sedo word in it. Like Is Up -> Check if your website is up or down? is also returing same response...
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    Domain marketplaces blocked in India

    Did you tried to use Google's DNS? &
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    .IN Private Nameservers

    my NSs working fine for many .com .net .org and .IN ..
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    Please appraise Arms_[dot]_in

    Its a quite nice domain name, given that it is a Dictionary word. So maybe high $xxx to any domainer and mid-high $xxxx to an enduser (can be used as in ). But in the case of an enduser, the price is always what he is capable and willing to pay..
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    mybb website is hacked

    Even one of my friend's site Channa(.)in was also hacked few days ago and was displaying a message about Free Kashmir.
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    We're back!

    +1 for current theme...
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    India Reverse Phone Lookup

    Yeah, all numbers in the format of +91-9XXXXXXXXX (10 digits starting with 9) are mobile numbers, but not all mobile numbers start with 9. They even start from 7 or 8 also now. Landline numbers, for metro cities are like +91-11-2XXXXXXX +91=International code, next 2 digits= city code, next...
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    We're back!

    I completly agree.. Someone is very upset... I could not disagree more with above statement.. General Drop Catching Scripts are less than 300 lines, and the one based on resellerclub APIs are even smaller.. But hacking a website?? For the sake of security testing, I have tried many times to...
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    Available LLL.ins

    Now Taken....
  13. D - Starts @ $9

    Domain Recieved....
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    Preferred Method of Payment in India

    SBI & HDFC have the most helpful net banking portal. About the first thing that any bank which allows foreigners to open an account through Internet (either private or company with no local branch), it is tricky. I checked my HDFC bank website, and they say that any Foreign National can open...
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    Registrar Discount Coupon Codes

    Godaddy .com Domain for Rs 10.23 or $0.20 Get any available .com domain for Rs 10.23 or $0.20 at Godaddy -Add Domain to your cart.. -Make sure your transactional currency is in INR(check in right-bottom side drop-down menu) -Apply code gofc7010d Total will come to Rs 10.23 Rs. -Now if you...
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    Preferred Method of Payment in India

    The best and easiest way to get money from an indian person is: -Open a bank a/c in a Indian bank (Public sector or private), and tell them to Online transfer OR deposit money in their local branch of same bank OR send money via NEFT for amounts less than Rs 2Lacs. With Online transfer, they...
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    When this name will be deleted (.com)

    Has this domain dropped or not yet? On based upon the info OP gave, it should have dropped on 27 Feb, 2012..
  18. D is really good.. Could be used for developing a list/directory of Various Rental Car Services available. many such services are emerging in India now-a-these days, with all having confusing similar names and phone numbers, and this site could be a very good place for a customer...
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    Available LLL.ins Available
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    Trademark letter

    C I C is also a very common acronym used in Canada for "Citizenship and Immigration" Canada Even their website is This french bank is not the only one CIC in world, may be in france. So at most they have rights to, not any other cctld. Why dont they go after CIC.COM? it is...

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