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    First Domain Conference in Middle-east - DOMAINERS MEET at Radisson Blu Dubai - April 23-24, 2016

    I am assisting the team behind DOMAINERS MEET - the First Domain Industry Conference in Dubai to be held over the weekend on Saturday, April 23 & Sunday, April 24 at Radisson Blu, DUBAI. ‘Domainers Meet’ will bring a group of like-minded people to one location with the purpose to meet, network...
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    dot-Bharat domain names in Hindi by May 2012

    Finally, .IN Registry will launch .Bharat domain names (.भारत in Devanagari script) on 21st of August, 2014 in New Delhi. The launch will call for the unveiling of the portal containing a few .भारत based popular domain names by Hon’ble Minister for Communications & IT by cutting the ribbon...
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    India to Get Its First Major Domain Conference

    We are unnecessarily dragging Mitsu in this discussion… Mr Goyal is one of the most respected & knowledgeable person in our industry. Lot of people had misconception that .IN domains can not be sold in the aftermarket… cyberlawyer has made a great effort for our community by researching on this...
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    FAQ: Where can I advertise my Indian domains for sale? has changed the URL to I believe it is one of the first indian site to use a new gtld...
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    Auto Renewal Grace Period - mandatory for registrars or not ?

    I have a query... Is it mandatory for .IN registrars to offer "auto renewal grace period" to the registrants ? If yes, then what are the minimum number of days ? The same information for GTLDs is clearly mentioned here Life Cycle of a Typical gTLD Domain Name | ICANN wherein it is mentioned...
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    Domain marketplaces blocked in India was working at my end as well... but & are blocked.
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    Domain marketplaces blocked in India

    Thanks Daver for the detailed information. The IP address method worked :) But I would like to know why DOT has blocked these sites ? Does anybody has any idea ?
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    Domain marketplaces blocked in India

    I use google's DNS... Are you from India and able to access these 2 sites ?
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    Appraisals plzz... &, & OFFERS ALSO INVITED...
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    Domain marketplaces blocked in India

    It seems & are blocked by ISPs. I am getting following message on opening links of domain listings having these domains: "This website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to Court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of...
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    I N and B H is a very good name... It can be sold for minimum INR 50K.
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    FabCart DOT com An Ecommerce Store Domain

    Good combination of 2 famous Indian ecommerce sites... &
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    Appraisals please...
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    Happy HOLI offer

    2 names are very good... &
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    For Sale .IN's....................

    Anybody posting for the sale/appraisal/review of his/her domains must be ready to hear negative comments from other members... I remember a few weeks back, I posted a domain for appraisal which I had acquired after paying a hefty amount and got a few not-so-encouraging comments and...
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    nice keyword domain with no other unnecessary words/characters attached and sarees is a huge business in India...
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    Appraisal needed: CGU.IN

    Check if there is any Chattisgarh University and it will be good if it is a private one... you can offer to them...
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    Nice .IN domains - Start $5 only! - $5
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    Redirection and bad faith

    When .com and other major registries have no problem in the domains being parked / sold then why .IN registry has such issue ? Domainers must get together and approach .IN registry for removing such clauses in the INDRP...
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    When did you register your first domain? And which one?

    Many westerners own domains with 'guru' & 'bazaar' words, I have seen it in whois but dont remember any specific ones. is a prominent example...

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