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  1. domain investor

    Retiring - All Domains @ Just $10 Each

    More @ just $10 each.... Expiration Date:2018-06-05 Registrar:NameCheap Expiration Date:2018-06-24 Expiration Date:2018-06-15 Registrar:NameCheap Expiration Date:2018-06-15...
  2. domain investor

    Retiring - All Domains @ Just $10 Each

    More domains just added.
  3. domain investor $10

    $10 for the domain Registrar:eNom, Inc. Expiration Date:2018-07-01 Payment by PayPal please For details message me Will push to buyer's account with eNom, Inc.
  4. domain investor

    Retiring - All Domains @ Just $10 Each

    I'm now ready to retire, so I'm letting my domains below all go for $10 each. The registrars are shown, and I will push to the buyer who will need an account with the same registrar.. Registrar:1 & 1 Internet SE Expiration Date:2018-11-24
  5. domain investor @ Flippa

    bin $349 @ SEDO
  6. domain investor for Sale for sale at Afternic. All TLDs taken.
  7. domain investor Domain - Ideal for Developing as Website

    Estibot values this domain at $1,400. All TLDs taken.
  8. domain investor

    Mix of Domain Extensions are Selling

    I understand that it's the .com extensions that are normally the most highly valued, and that some domainers won't touch anything else. But, there are factors that may alter some peoples' views of which extensions to go for, especially for end users. These include such things as relevance to...
  9. domain investor

    Hi, all

    Hi links4rank, welcome to the forum.
  10. domain investor @ Flippa now with Sedo.
  11. domain investor @ Afternic.
  12. domain investor sells for $30,000 on Flippa

    I suppose it all goes to prove that try hard enough over a long enough period of time, domains will often sell.
  13. domain investor

    $51 or offers.
  14. domain investor

    $51 or offers.
  15. domain investor @ Afternic

    $51 or offers.
  16. domain investor

    ".io and .me are hot and cool" Vitalik Buterin

    Though if the name is just perfect for your website, and the other top extensions are all taken, it's probably worth paying higher renewal fees for the .io alternative.
  17. domain investor

    ".io and .me are hot and cool" Vitalik Buterin

    Is it better to take the money whilst it's there, or wait it out and risk either letting it expire, or pay out for a further year? I suppose you have to look at them all on a case by case basis.
  18. domain investor

    3 .Houses for Sale All the above available for purchase at Afternic.

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