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  1. D - Domain + Website for sale

    I am interested but need to know few things? How many members you have? What is the monthly income? What is your plan to sustain against or What kind of scripts you are using and how much maintenance time is reuqired? Current profiles are fake or real? thanks, Sid
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    Site for Sale

    Who provide the products for sale. Is it affiliate site for products? thanks
  3. D - PREMIUM DOMAIN NAME ON EBAY FOR WOW PRICE Very high google EXACT search count My first auction on ebay. I thought BIN automatically becomes the reserve price but not. Guys it is listed for only 99 cents and now bids is upto 1.24. Since I already placed it on auction, I think I should inform it here because seems like...
  4. D

    They are good names but how to monetize them? Do you find lots of advertisers in this area? I guess not. could be a nice website if you develop it but otherwise for parking purpose it may not work.
  5. D


    To Ace: For .com, I think is the best. Few of my sites there draws $4 per click. Infact it started at $10 per click and then went down but still the best. Domain7
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    is bido trust worthy they accepted 4 of my names

    When I checked votes on my domains there were none, so I assume that they probably would not go for auction. How many days after "approval" voting starts? thanks, Domain7
  7. D


    I just checked my stats at namedrive. It is little better in a sense that I made 2 dollars in a span of month. Most traffic came from USA for .in domains which is good. I certainly prefer US traffic more than any other traffic. Domain7
  8. D


    That is not a great earnings at all. I think it did well at if hit comes from western europe, canada or usa. So far I am disappointed in bodis but we will see. No scripts or content at all. thanks, Domain7
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    is bido trust worthy they accepted 4 of my names

    I was surprized when my few names were accepted by bido for auction because earlier attempts were denied probably because of high reserve. However, I realize that they are accepting more domains now because they are planning to auction more than one domains per day. My domains are approved and...
  10. D


    I parked 30 of my domains (28 .in and 2 .us) with From May 23 to Today they earned whooping 54 cents... Today I moved some of them to namedrive to see how they work. I will post my report in about a month's time to share stats. Domain7
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    Please appraise...

    Please appraise songs,la thanks, Domain7
  12. D

    Showcase all of your .IN and domains

    Some developed ones... Domain7
  13. D

    Your domain is good, but do not wait for market to heat up as I personally think that it probably never will. The heat will go up in .in and all others like or will fade. Wish you good luck though, Domain7
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    .in development...

    I did not say that traffic is from USA only, traffic is from everywhere but clicks were from USA. However number of clicks were not very high but when there were clicks, they were in the range of 30 to 60 cents and they were from USA because I checked traffic analysis on the days of clicks and...
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    .in development...

    Hi Jeff, It is not traffic from India - it is the domain. For example I have domain regarding credit score which gets good traffic. It is .in domain, however the cpc is around 30 to 60 cents, and based on traffic analysis the clicks are from USA. But when I get clicks on my other credit...
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    Income from domaining...

    I quickly searched the forum and could not find a thread about income from domaining and that was surprizing. So I am starting a thread. Let me know how much do you earn from domaining. This includes income from domain flipping, developing and parking. Please try to follow following format...
  17. D on Bido Tuesday May 12th

    I agree with you on one fact that lately bido quality sucks in terms of domain selection. Your domain is good but right now they are auctioning dinnerknives,com This name does not sound catchy at all. I hope they improvise on their selection. Domain7
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    5-10 year strategy

    Well, so far I am holding. My minor attempts to sell have failed. I am not a good marketer. But I hope that domains I have will appreciate some day; otherwise I think I would still cover the cost of registration. Domain7
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    5-10 year strategy

    Pretty interesting. thanks for the link to the article. The beauty is, inspite of being no. 4 only 81 million are connected i.e. more room to grow. Our population is more than 1000 million now, so there is tremendous scope and I believe lot will change for better in next 10 years. Domain7
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    Is it possible to earn by Domain parking?

    I like your way of showing difference of opinion - very polite yet firm and still respectful. excellent. Domain7

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