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    A friend of mine has got and is planning to sell it. Please do the appraisals for the same. I personally think he can get high xxx to low xxxx for it. What's your take?
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    Cost for

    Hire an amateur to build something around the domain and I am sure you would get great offers for your domain. Like jeff said .info domains aren't very popular but you can make it popular if you can develop something great around it.
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    Well well, sellgold definitely is a good domain but extension is a bit okayish. I think you can get anything around mid to high xxx for it. But if you can pitch it against good jewellers you might fetch better amount.
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    Tips for Beginners!

    I think we need a thread where the experts here put up their tips and tricks about dealing in domains. This is a lucrative business for the guys who can get it right for others its just waste of money. So where are the experts? Please take charge of this thread. I even suggest to MOD to make...
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    Great Indian Hand Reg Names Still Available!

    WOW OD a really really impressive answer to my post. Thanks for the information. Most of the domains in your above list are used only for forwarding to the original websites. What I meant to say is that these domains just help in internet branding. It may help to new players in a segment but...
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    Unregistered Indian Domains?

    I am not aware if there is any such service provider. But its a great idea. If you can have a handy list of the domains available, I think you could strike much better domains. Any techie entrepreneur listening to this...
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    Register compass

    Well I think you should try out the free sites first. Once you are sure that they aren't doing their stuff in the right manner or efficient manner, then try out the paid service providers like the one you have mentioned. Moreover if you can find a good domain, I think it would surely pay off for...
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    Designing your new site

    I completely agree with Karu here. Recently I adviced someone on minisites and I had completely missed the above thing. I am pretty much impressed with karu's deep thinking and knowledge. Many domains may have different intrepretation by different people so it may not help always plus it may add...
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    Google Enters Domain Parking Market

    While the news are looking great at the moment, I too fear your above point. This is the standard technique that corporates use these days. As profit margins are squeezing up, the are removing middle men and reaching directly to their customers.
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    Minisites - Are They Worth It?

    If you have a good domain. I think you can claim for much higher prices if you can develop a website around the name. Most people aren't very creative and hence are unable to link things together. A domain with a website could give them very clear idea. Plus sooner or later it would get indexed...
  11. I - Environmental Forum

    It seems like this thread is pretty popular here. Loads of guys have registered from here. While I usually don't follow the herd, this time I have broken my rule. I too have registered. Please plant my tree soon.
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    Domain name relationship

    Like before I don't agree with this one. Most companies like to brand themselves either with their company name or their brand name and its true world over. Using a secondary domain name that ultimately forwards visitors to original website is a good idea but developing content in name of...
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    Where to get rights?

    I can bet on this one. Your friends gonna be in deep trouble pretty soon. Publication houses these days have become very stringent about their rights and your slightest mistake would unloose hell on you. Get some expert help.
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    Cheap .in Registrar ?

    Well thanks for sharing your experience with I didn't have any bad experiences with them but the most weird thing I observed was that they are offering their services under many different websites. Most of these websites are top ranked in google. So one way or other they are the ones...
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    Domain Predictions for 2009

    Great predictions and discussions guys. I completely agree with OD. Times have changed and professionals need to focus many things just than .com registrations. Lots of new variations are flooding market at regular intervals.
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    Beware of the beginners mistake.

    Well you have great suggestion but the title of the thread seems to be a bit misconveyed. If a guys has a good domain. He is running a good website. If he is earning good from the same. If he has managed to put up his site in google top ranks. He simply can't be a BEGINNER.
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    Great Indian Hand Reg Names Still Available!

    I am sure you will strike some great deals soon but your take on indian corporates is pretty poor. Most corporates who deal in conventional offline businesses use internet for nothing more than email and VOIP etc. They don't care for domains and stuff. They would mostly have their website with...
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    FAQ: Where can I advertise my Indian domains for sale?

    Thanks for the info guys. I have a domain and its pretty dead at present. I am planning to sell it off. Hence above has been of great help. BTW I have tried using seedo and the biggest problem is that they want a private email address. They don't allow registrations with gmail or yahoo or...
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    How Can I buy .in Domain???

    Mistu is running many domain registration websites in different names. I have had my .in registered with They are pretty simple and efficient as well. Surely worth trying.
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    Have you registered your name?

    I don't think its much useful. Unless you are an expert guru of management or yoga or something similar, people generally don't pay a damn to personal domains. Say could be worth huge reputation and money too but is nothing more than useless.

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