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  1. Mikhaela

    Best Affiliate Marketing Sites

    Like Roshni, my go to would be, but there are many other good affiliate marketing sites out there for in. This is a good article to look at.
  2. Mikhaela

    Using twitter

    I have always preferred Facebook over Twitter when it comes to social media, both personally and professionally. However, I do know that a lot of people do use it network and they enjoy it quite well.
  3. Mikhaela

    What sticks out

    I have ran across this too many times to count. It especially sucks when the website has a great design and you were looking forward to going through it, but half of the pages don't work.
  4. Mikhaela

    400 domain names ONE PRICE(bulk sale):,, & other

    I think that this is a fairly good deal, @webmaster75. $2 each for a domain is a good bargain. I hope that an offer comes through for you.
  5. Mikhaela

    Multiple Admins

    One of the things that I loved about blogger year ago was that you could assign more than one admin and/or collaborator. When looking for hosting sites, how important are admins to you?
  6. Mikhaela

    Can You Code?

    Foroux, don't give up. It actually took me a while to catch on to the more complicated things and for a while I stopped attempting to, but once I started trying again, I started to get the hang of it.
  7. Mikhaela

    Premium domains

    You're right, it has lost all of its relevance, considering that it seems to be attached to almost every domain these days with no way to really verify if it's true.
  8. Mikhaela

    Can You Code?

    I think that a lot of people know the basics, you know how to center text or put it in bold, italics, or underline it. There are many free resources online that offer information.
  9. Mikhaela

    What do you look for?

    There are so many registrars out here these days that it can be hard to choose one. What do you look for when choosing a registrar?
  10. Mikhaela

    Content length

    I think that some kind of way you have to figure out what your reader likes, you can't just make a guess. Compare the reviews you received on shorter and longer articles or even do a survey asking the readers which they prefer.
  11. Mikhaela

    A tax lawyer

    I'm sure that there are lawyers who specialize in taxes. Businesses or individuals running into tax problems is a common occurrence and it would make sense that there is a niche for it in law. :)
  12. Mikhaela

    Your Best Experience

    Hey guys, I know most of us have used marketing services or even marketed our own business before. What was your best experience with marketing? It can be because you learned something new or because it greatly benefited your business.
  13. Mikhaela

    Security and cloud storage

    I store a lot of things on the cloud, but for the most part they aren't top secret files and documents. I do believe that nothing is 100% safe, so all of my highly secret files are only stored on my computer and two different usb sticks.
  14. Mikhaela

    Smartest Features

    What do you think are the smartest features and options to invest in for your site? Ad sense, affiliate links, anything else that you can think of?
  15. Mikhaela

    Is SEO declining or gaining popularity?

    SEO is still highly popular. I actually saw a report that next year it's going to be one of the most demanding fields. I don't know how long it's going to be on top, but for now it still is.
  16. Mikhaela

    How do they make money?

    A lot of hosting companies have been in the game long enough to where they can offer lower prices because they have a lot of business. Think about, some people have to charge higher because they don't have a lot of business and need to capitalize on what they can.
  17. Mikhaela

    I want to buy a domain but...

    Yes, I agree that you don't want to sound desperate, but you don't want to just give up on the site after one try if their is a possibility you can persuade the owner. It's a matter of having nothing to lose.
  18. Mikhaela

    Best ways to make money in the domain business.

    I agree that a combination of things would be great, such as having a blog while also buying and selling domains on the side, especially since that seems to be something that takes time.
  19. Mikhaela

    Keeping domains

    Dibon, I know exactly which thread you are talking about. I think that some people don't even realize that holding onto a good domain that is not active is a thing. Some people just give up the business and the domain, never thinking about selling it.
  20. Mikhaela

    Keeping domains

    Do you think that a failed business should keep their domain? What I mean by this is do you think that a failed business should keep a domain that they aren't using in hopes of profiting off of it one day?

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