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  1. U - reserve met, auction ends 1/27/16 at 4.45 PM EST

    Domain name (registered on 4/21/1997) has met reserve at and auction will end at 4.45 PM EST today Jan 27, 2016. Make your best offer and grab this aged domain : Thanks,
  2. U on auction at sedo, got $ 2400 bid

    Hi, I have Indian City name in sedo auction ending on June 10,2015. Got one bid so far for $ 2400. Auction end June 10th, 2015. Here is a chance for you to get a pure Geo .com Happy...
  3. U

    Need Premium .in domains ,paid $xxxx for each.

    Taking offers for
  4. U

    Award - Indian Domainer of The Year

    Deepak Daftari has made more $$$,$$$ (six figure Dollar) sales than any one else in India. I would nominate him. Thanks. Davinder
  5. U

    .in domains with 100+ type-in traffic / month
  6. U

    How to sell keyword medical .com domain name

    Please PM me domain and your best price. Thanks, Dave
  7. U

    Diwali - The hottest keyword this year for .IN domains (.COM.s .CO.INs also)!

    I registered these today Oct 14, 2014 : Cheers !!!
  8. U

    Showcase all of your .IN and domains

    Here are my .in domains :,,, --This lot of 4 domains is very suitable for weight reduction websites. One word domains :
  9. U

    Wanted ONLY "" and ".in" Single word domains
  10. U

    Insurance, Mortgage, Technology, Immigration .com Domains - $ 90 or best offer

    Hello All, Domains listed below are at godaddy and have short expiry dates. Selling for $ 90 each or best offer received by April 9th. Prefer to push to buyer's godaddy account. Payment by Post "Sold" with domain name and PM me for paypal info. This is a multi forum post so...
  11. U

    Namejet auctions : Zero reserve City names,, etc

    I am selling large number of my domains by auction at Most of these are with Zero reserve which means some one who placed a bid successfully will win the domain for as low as $ 69. Included are : Indian city domains,,,
  12. U

    Need premium .com
  13. U forgets to renew domain name

    And even now they renewed it only for one year. Someone might have sent their brain on a one way yatra !!!
  14. U

    Looking for .com domain in hindi...not idns
  15. U

    .IN Traffic?

    I have which gets 30 to 50 uniques per day. gets 20 to 25 per day.
  16. U

    Looking for Geo Domains (Indian Cities) & Category Killers - PM Plz

    Please PM me your email address so that I can email you excel with my Indian City names.
  17. U,,, are on sale

    Below are some of my best .in domains for which please make offers by PM :
  18. U - reserve met at sedo is on auction at Reserve $ 250 has been met . Highest bidder takes this one word beauty home. Auction ends at 10.17 AM EST on May...

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