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  1. ritchie

    Having more than one business lawyer

    This makes sense, absolutely. I think in this way, a business is able to cushion itself against any eventualities, besides ensuring that there is continuity, even when there is a lot to handle. There's nothing as rewarding as when clients feel that there's a unique responsiveness to their requests.
  2. ritchie

    A One Page Site

    From what I have heard, there's more control of the flow of information since rather than visitors clicking and exploring different pages, the browsing, in this case, is done in a linear fashion. I haven't really fancied one-page sites before.
  3. ritchie

    On-page SEO

    Whenever I read about SEO, it kind of looks complicated, but straightforward at the same time. How different is this from off-page SEO and can they both achieve more or less same results?
  4. ritchie


    You all raise valid points and the one that has caught my eye the most, is when newbies buy a lot of cheap domains, with the hope of holding onto them and selling them for a profit. Something just crossed my mind; can any of you think of mistakes whose effects can never be reversed? This can...
  5. ritchie

    Analyzing your site's performance

    From time-to-time you have to check the analytics, so as to figure out what people are constantly checking on your site. Look at the pages in which the visitors are hanging around for a while as well as the ones with the least clicks. That is the common narrative out there. My question is...
  6. ritchie

    Having more than one business lawyer

    Would it be cheap for an upcoming business to have more than a lawyer at a time? This looks like an option that the more established businesses can opt for. I'd say that the right time to change your business lawyer is when they stop being responsive to the business needs.
  7. ritchie

    Regular maintenance

    Maintenance is paramount in ensuring that a site runs smoothly. My understanding is that it entails regularly updating content, keeping the site secure as well as fixing broken links and so on and so forth. In your view, what other factors entail maintenance?
  8. ritchie

    One company for all hosting needs

    There may be some pros but I think the cons are more. I think that putting your eggs in one basket is risky, because if the hosting company goes down for a moment, then all your businesses are affected. It is better to spread the hosting needs among several companies.
  9. ritchie

    Videos on your website

    I second you @JackD and I think that using YouTube is a good option, for the time being. I am sure that there are quite a number of business people out there that don't know of this option. Do the automated videos really work? I never pay attention to them.
  10. ritchie

    Securing your emails

    I just had this discussion with a business friend of mine who had his website hacked and it just reminded me of the importance of being vigilant in blocking all the 'bad' elements online. Hackers are always devising new ways of beating technology.
  11. ritchie

    What to consider before investing

    I think that for the more established companies like Bitcoin, issues to do with website security are taken seriously. There could be a few companies out there looking to rip people off and so they could hurriedly put together a website that's not secure. Just a thought!
  12. ritchie

    The internet is now 32 years old, and still growing!

    I can't even think of any new ideas; I just wish I had been there when the whole domain industry was growing. You can only wonder what it will be like 20 or so years from now.
  13. ritchie

    Redesigning your website

    Have you ever visited a website and realized that either it wasn't very active or some details, like the telephone contacts, were outdated or not working at all. I remember visiting a certain company's website whose physical location had changed, yet this wasn't reflected online. I know the...
  14. ritchie

    Avoiding Legal Issues When Choosing A Domain Name

    It was really wise of you to check how the previous cases had ended. At times, a lot of businesses fail to do this background check and end up using a lot of money to defend the case, rather than let go. Still, I don't understand why anyone not using a particular domain name would stop you from...
  15. ritchie

    Securing your emails

    I just had to check online to understand what 'brute force' is all about. Apparently, this is a hacking method that uses an automated system to try and guess the password(s) to the many web services. Is there a chance that most of these hackers are creating bots to target the numerous websites?
  16. ritchie

    Avoiding Legal Issues When Choosing A Domain Name

    Wow, but what reason did the TM holder have for that and in any case, was there any chance of you challenging this request? Quite some insight in here because I think most people don't do a lot of due diligence when it comes to domain names. Thanks for sharing all that info.
  17. ritchie

    Overwhelming the reader

    Seems we all share the same sentiments. I have left a lot of articles at the third page. I think it is much better to capture the reader's attention where it matters most; at the introduction. All that comes next should be more of informative because I'm sure there are people who read long posts...
  18. ritchie

    Bitcoin Price Boom Built on Sound Fundamentals, Observers Tell Naysayers

    Well, I think the whole bitcoin discussion has raised expectations, while also letting the critics have their say. It remains to be seen how everything will pan out, but it is good to remain cautious, while ensuring that investment in this digital currency is made as an informed choice.
  19. ritchie

    How much is correct?

    I always say that no one ever needs to learn the hard and that's why it is prudent for anyone to sieve any information gotten online with the caution it deserves. I agree with @Abhijit that checking whether or not a law firm is licensed is important. There are many 'briefcase' companies/firms...
  20. ritchie

    The up-time score

    It's been said that a good host operates on a powerful server, besides having stable network connections. I was perusing articles online and came across one which stated that a host should have a 99.5% score. In fact, it went further to state that anything that falls under 99% is unacceptable...

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