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    AMAZING!!! : Bier.DE Sold for 149,000 EUR

    Why is that amazing? Beer in the top cctld?
  2. wot One of the biggest names in the world today 2020/05/06 18 years old Dynadot Paypal /
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    IDN in eight scripts

    Dead in the water.
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    Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales

    Money,sadly most of the pof sales are well in to 4 figures or more.Reflection of today ?
  5. wot - no longer viable for domainers?

    The domain market is slow nowadays but not disappearing. But, what has happened? Sold many thousands of dollars worth of this extension in the past, probably more than 800 names. There is the occasional rogue sale as with recently but in general they have been dismissed by...
  6. wot + + 2020/03/24 2020/05/11 2020/05/06 2020/06/12 Dynadot - Paypal
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    $99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Very last try - $119 each !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wot + 2

    Perfect for your online smart mobile phone store, a great package. (2020/04/18 Dynadot,15 years old)...
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    $149 Each

  12. wot &

    Ridiculously low price for very premium domains! $
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    Premium $199!!!

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    Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales

    Excellent, can't give away quality on the forums.

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