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  1. dibon

    Choosing a top SEO company

    All the best companies (definitely) started from somewhere and the time it took to produce results would definitely vary. I think that the bottom line is the results and I agree that a company that uses a 'real' email address has an even better outlook.
  2. dibon

    Google Just Made SSL Certificates A Must Have For Your Business Website

    I agree with you @JackD. It makes it much easier when a website is using an SSL because it allows secure connections. There isn't any justifiable reason why any good website out there, would not have this installed.
  3. dibon

    Future of Digital Currency May Not Involve Blockchains

    Bitcoin seems to be doing so well and taking the lead. The thing I have seen out here is more and more people being reluctant whenever the topic of cryptocurrency comes up. Is it quite an expensive venture.
  4. dibon

    The Pricing/Valuation Of It All

    That is quite an explanation @JackD and I had no idea that there are people that are few people willing to meet a five-figure valuation for a purchase. I believe that all this gets better with experience. Thanks so much for this.
  5. dibon

    Google Just Made SSL Certificates A Must Have For Your Business Website

    I noticed this a few days ago and kept wondering what had changed. I think this is a good step from Google, especially at a time when scammers are getting smarter and devising ways of ripping folks online.
  6. dibon

    Biggest threat to an online business

    And it is so unfortunate that the majority of people let social media dictate facts on their behalf. Have you ever come across a discussion online with comments where people are asking a question than they can easily research and find answers to online?
  7. dibon

    The Pricing/Valuation Of It All

    I think I now get the idea here @JackD, that the buyer is the one that actually has the upper hand in these matters. Allow me to indulge you further and wonder, what if the asking price for a domain is $10,000 and 9 out of 10 prospective buyers think it is worth less than $2,000 but then the...
  8. dibon

    The Pricing/Valuation Of It All

    I believe that you can get many answers to this question, based on many factors that make every domain out there (irrespective of the extension) different in its own way. You will never get any justification for a owner looking to sell a domain for $2,000 if 8 years ago, they bought it for say...
  9. dibon

    Three Ways To Be Wrong About Crypto-Tokens

    There's this friend of mine who's kept inviting me for Bitcoin sensitization workshops, and whereas I believe it is a venture worth trying out, it would be helpful if my friend shared useful resources like this. Cryptocurrency, in my view, is quite broad in scope and it is best to first and...
  10. dibon

    Will LAws Change To This.......?

    When did this law come into effect because I've never heard of such a restriction before? It seems then that this is more or less specific to Australia and perhaps an attempt to preserve Australian domains? It is definitely restrictive and I believe the free market is bound to feel the imapct.
  11. dibon

    On-page SEO

    As far as I know, this involves optimizing individual web pages so that they can rank higher, with the sole aim of gaining more relevant traffic to the site. How different is this to general SEO?
  12. dibon

    Choosing a top SEO company

    I agree with you @JackD especially for those companies that do not use their own extensions. On another note, why would any serious company send emails to prospective clients or is it the norm for them to look for business in this way?
  13. dibon

    Having more than one business lawyer

    I am not sure if having more than one attorney/lawyer at any particular point is economical. In case a current law firm seems not be playing their part or honoring appointments, then it may be the right time to start shopping elsewhere.
  14. dibon

    Having more than one business lawyer

    I had this discussion with a friend of mine who was not for this idea at all. She insisted that the only way out is to change the attorney/lawyer when the time is right. I only agree with her in as far as changing lawyers is concerned, otherwise you can have more than one firm at a time, just so...
  15. dibon

    Verisign Q3 report: 145.8 million .com & .net domain names (up 1.47 million)

    I actually read somewhere that Verisign made $292 million in Q3 so I am not sure what the accurate figure is. All the same, those are quite some impressive results that will interest any serious investors.
  16. dibon

    Copying and pasting

    That is the problem with businesses that just rush through an idea, without giving much thought to all the nitty gritties. It would look bad (to any website visitor) if some words are misplaced or there are phrases in there that are in no way, related to the nature of the business. I totally...
  17. dibon

    Improving Keywords ranking

    Getting a good page rank on Google doesn't seem easy for most people but I think it is all about concentrating on your niche and always updating good content so as to overtake competition. There's some really good advice and insight in this thread!
  18. dibon

    Leasing domains and other ways of earning

    That's a really good piece @Jeff and it is actually true that potential buyers always think that the amount a domain owner would be asking for is ridiculous. There are many factors that go into selling a domain and who more than the owner would actually know a domain's worth?
  19. dibon

    One company for all hosting needs

    Assuming that you run several websites, the common thing to do is to have all of them under one account. It may seem convenient in terms of easy billing or a better deal but I am always against using one company for all hosting needs. Do you agree?
  20. dibon

    Videos on your website

    I think that video advertising is a good idea, especially because there's a greater exposure. An online video will be available on a desktop or on your mobile phone. At times, a problem could arise if the target market prefers the more traditional methods.

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