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  1. SoftMind

    Great .in domains for sale

    Hello, I have a nice offer for great in domains with a good price. (1) (2) (3) send me best of the offers on only good price expected. Thanks SoftMind
  2. SoftMind

    MyMatch - A Indian Matrimonial Portal with a New Concept This is a very good matrimonial site with a pioneer concept in matrimonial advertising.This works like newspapers, where you can place your advertisements to reach worldwide. Highlighting features.... (1) Free Contacts (2) No Need to Login (3) Excellent Matrimonial...
  3. SoftMind

    Why Inforums Restricts itself to few ideas only...?

    Dear Steve, New Websites is also a good idea. I would definately give you a very good start. Have a look at this site... This site is not very popular but its really good, this will really help you with many ideas. Here ist is... First glance at exciting Indian websites -...
  4. SoftMind

    Why Inforums Restricts itself to few ideas only...?

    Hi to all, Just puzzled and thats why this question is placed here as thread... Inforums is such a great forum, it brings me here frequently if not daily. It is neat and tidy with good members and a great moderator/adminsitratior/helping friend called Steve. Why does inforum restricts itself...
  5. SoftMind

    A New Matrimonial Portal for Indians..MyMatch

    Hi, I think i do not agree with you. Spam can happen to any one, spammers collects them for every nook and corner from the web. NewsPapers also publish straight emails in the newsprint. PLus there are CDS available with emails for sell. That does not mean one should hide the emails...
  6. SoftMind

    A New Matrimonial Portal for Indians..MyMatch

    Hi Steve, Thanks for reply. I have not created this website, neither i know them. I was just looking few references on Indian domains and this site invited my attention. I cannot take the credit for the site, which i have not developed. My site:- Untitled Document is yet to take off...
  7. SoftMind

    BSNL adds 2.6 Million new wireless customers in March 2007!!

    Hi, Do you mean to say they have added WiFi or WiMax customers , using wireless internet...? Where can i get the rates for 1 hour to use a Wireless Internet...? Can you focus some more reference on this. I was unable to read the story on your above link, without sibscription. Thanks...
  8. SoftMind, and more, and more Hello, My Client has few good names with him. Just booked for Creating Web Sites thinking about future. He has now focused on IPTV business and plans to sell few prominant domain names. Good Price Welcome from genuine buyers only (1) (2)...
  9. SoftMind

    Good and Cheap Indian Domain Registration

    Hi to all, How about posting Names for Indian/Foreign Registers that book .in domain names. It would be great to post the Control Panel details as well, that can help the domain name owner to make changes in domain name registration detail directly, without any troubles. I have seen...
  10. SoftMind

    A New Matrimonial Portal for Indians..MyMatch

    Hi to all, I am just new to this forums. And i am glad i have found it. I am a software and web developer working with dotnet technologies. I shall be posting DotNetRelated websites as well as Good reference Indian sites that can help my Indian Friends. I start with

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