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    Which is the best platform to blog?

    I have used only wordpress and not blogger. I had a thought to use nucleus. But have not yet tried it. I have not used any other blogger platform.
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    Indian Govt launches site for NRIs

    This is a very good move by the country. These days NRI are ready to bring in the investment to our country. But the government's duty is to keep them posted about the happenings and news here. So for sure, they must need a dedicated site or a tv channel. This will help in creating a better...
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    Whom do you revert for help?

    I will share it with my friends rather than speaking to my mom. Because she may or may not understand my problem. But am very close to her but will not tell my problems unless it is general.
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    TV Commercials

    Even though many have started using the internet, still most of the people do not know how to use internet. Women plays a major role in this. They watch tv most of the time. So only if the sales people can attract the ladies, they can sell their products. So for sure, TV advertisement will prove...
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    Most Popular LLL domain?

    I want to know would be a reserved name. I believe people will put these domain names under hold even before the auction starts right. I have searched for many 3 letter domains like that but i got nothing. Who does this job and why they reserve it?
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    what is the value of .in

    Of course the tld has its own value. Because every organisation or country will try to have their own tld. In this way, they could create an identity for themselves. So it is for sure a great success. As said, the sales of the domain names are on ever increase. This itself is a very good proof.
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    Need help

    I wanted to know where i can get the information about blogs with pr for sale. Because am in a plan to buy some domain names with PR1 or greater than that. Also i wanted to check the page rank of those domains myself. Can anyone help me in knowing some information regarding this.
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    How to select the best domain name?

    The domain name should always be registered as per the sites content and business purpose. There is no point in buying a domain name on his name rather than the product that he is going to sell online. So choose the apt name and also it must not be too long. People must easily remember it and...
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    Hot domains from 5$

    I have got so many domains with me for sale. Bid your prices here or mail me for more details. my mail id is available in my profile info.
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    Hot domains from 5$

    I have got so many domains with me for sale. Bid your prices here or mail me for more details. my mail id is available in my profile info.
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    Fake pr

    I found out so many domains with PR1 and PR2. But immediately after buying them, i could see that there are no PR for them. how is this possible. I checked it with google toolbar. But late i was found to have been cheated. How can we avoid such situations?
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    Global rich people

    Recently i read a message going like this. "Everyday when you get up, look at the list of rich people and try to acheive that place". I think these should be our inspiration and we must try our better to reach the goals. The roots may be bitter and but through the experiences, am sure we can...
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    Top CEOs of India

    Its great to hear. Also most of the CEOs are like this. If you take Mr. Narayana Murthy, founder of infosys, he insisted people to buy his shares in the early 1990's at the cost of Rs.10. he used to for door to door sales and people did not believe him and nobody bought it. But now what is the...
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    Google wins right to

    Google deserves it. But always google has got a monopoly over the other websites in the internet era. Just because for most of the internet products, they were the pioneers, they take most advantage of it. I think if microsoft had bought yahoo, then google might have been swiped off.
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    Which is better?

    I heard that most of the webmasters do not worry about alexa ranking. So is it worth to be proud if we have a good alexa rank? And if so what could be the good alexa rank. For my blog, i have the ranking of 4,65,369. Previously when i started, it was 45 lakh ranking. Do you think that its good...
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    When to sell?

    I want some tips on how to sell the domain names. I have got many number of domain names. But i am using only 2 as active. Other domain names i need to sell. But most are reluctant to buy it. Why is that? people often are ready to buy blogs or domain names with PR. Can you give me some tips...
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    Maximum amount

    Which domain do you think would have sold for maximum in the .in tld? Any guesses. I hope so it must be I read an article that was sold for 12 million dollars in an auction. So in this tld also, i think it must have cost the maximum among the other domain names.
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    best place to sell domains?

    I want a better place than sedo. I know they charge huge chunks of money to make it sold. I do not trust them. I want some other links too. I heard that we can sell it in ebay.How far are they reliable? I have got lots of domain names. somebody post any links here.
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    Have a doubt

    When a tld is introduced, the domain names will be available for auction. But in most of the cases i have seen that most of the domains will not be available. Say for example i want the domain name But it is not available. Why is this so?

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