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  1. D whole sale prices... worth a great discussion

    Hi guys, long time since I didn't post here.. I think that if we've waited 5 years or more, patiently renewing all our we should still keep a mid term view because on this kind of domains price will continue to rise during next years. There are a lot of bubbles in the domaining world at...
  2. D

    .IN Registration Promo Extended till 30th NOV,2010

    IMHO a promo should be a promo.. So it should not last more than a couple of month. On the other side a promo on renewals would be very appreciated and would help the extension.
  3. D at Sedo Special Auction

    Hi guys, is at Sedo Online Retail Auction Domain has standard renewal fee and you can bid here Cheers.
  4. D

    Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales

    Yes, it's not bad for a reg fee... Transaction is still pendig but the buyer paid today...
  5. D

    Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales

    Thanks Ceres, I've registered it some months ago and it was sold via Sedo...
  6. D

    Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales

    airconditioning 200$
  7. D

    2 appraisal

    Hi guys, I'd like to have appraised Bar . and Msg . Thank you very much.
  8. D

    p2p .in

    Nice buy. I wasn't at home and I couldn't make another offer on Sedo... Congrats.
  9. D

    Type-in Traffic - vs .in

    I agree, even if my .in traffic is continuing to grow.
  10. D

    Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales

    aloevera 200€ (approx 300$) on Sedo.
  11. D auction running at Sedo

    Click here to submit the offer. The price is very low at the moment
  12. D


    Hi guys, I'd like to have an appraisal on Microwaves . in Thank you very much.
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    Sedo fees on domains

    Hi guys, I've recently received 2 offers on Sedo for 2 domains and Sedo is charging me 50$ of minimum fee instead of the 10% usually applied to the .in domains. I wrote to their customer support two times without a valid answer. Is it normal or are they charging too much? Thanks to everyone.
  14. D


    Hi guys, can you please give me an appraisal on the domain in the title? Thanks everyone.
  15. D

    Complete List of Indian Domain Name Sales

    I made the offer to start the auction but, being at work, i missed the end...
  16. D

    Another First News From Mitsu

    I'll pray for a renewal promo... :-)
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    Asking for your advices on an Enduser sale

    Thanks everyone for your helpfull opinions. Maybe I haven't been very clear in explaining it but the city is not Indian, it's a US city. The only reason i registered it was to develop a minisite.
  18. D

    Asking for your advices on an Enduser sale

    Hi Ceres, thanks for your reply. XX,XXX is absolutely too much for that domain. In a reseller value maybe even 150$ is too much. But they are not reseller, they are enduser. I can sell it to them for low/mid X,XXX. But the fact is that i've tryed to be the more professional I could in my first...

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