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  1. JackD

    Free reverse domain #WHOIS service from #DomainTools reverses #GDPR damage

    DomainTools announced its free reverse domain WHOIS today, called Iris Mirror. ™ The service is available to everyone, even those without a credit card, and it’s quite revolutionary, according to those of us who beta-tested it for the past six and a half weeks. Interested? Read More...
  2. JackD

    New domain threat investigation tool by Threat Intelligence Platform

    Threat Intelligence Platform announced a new domain threat investigation tool. read more ...
  3. JackD

    Payoneer is shutting down it's escrow business

    Payoneer sent out an email notice stating “Payoneer is discontinuing our escrow business”. Read More
  4. JackD

    What would you do?

    A Seller Backed Out of a Sale Because of a Pricing Error: This is an article on Domain Investing. I am not the seller or buyer: Last week, I was looking at some domain names on Sedo. I saw a one word .com domain name listed for sale for less than $500 The domain name was developed, and it was...
  5. JackD

    Escrow KYC Verification is Not Due Diligence

    In reading some forum threads and email chains over the last couple of years, I think there is some confusion about the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification at, Payoneer Escrow, and other escrow services. As far as I understand, the KYC verification process is not a form of due...
  6. JackD

    Taking control of your email and understanding it

    Email is pretty complicated but having some basic email knowledge will put you on the right path to better secure your brand, help you hit inboxes better and actually know what is going on with your brand. As a domain name/ brand owner, you actually control what happens. Are you saying, “Duh,”...
  7. JackD

    Namecheap suspects GoDaddy is throttling domain transfers

    Today is Move Your Domain Day and Namecheap customers are experiencing issues or delays in transferring domains from GoDaddy over to Namecheap.
  8. JackD Auction with 4 days left is in auction with only 4 days left and current offer is $800. This is a 4 letter #LLLL one word domain name going cheap at this price.
  9. JackD

    Data privacy and WHOIS :

    ICANN president, Göran Marby, shared an update on the GDPR compliance model that attempts to satisfy European privacy laws, among other things.
  10. JackD

    #cPHulk in #cPanel 70 : Block #domain trolls, hackers and pests by country

    Is your blog or publication swamped by garbage commentary originating from particular countries? While WordPress based plug-ins take care of the issue partially, it’s always good to have additional options...
  11. JackD

    No more “view image” option in #Google search

    No more “view image” option in #Google search Domainers eager to snatch images from the Google search, will find it more difficult to do so. Google has announced that they are stopping providing a direct link to “view image” when searching for images...
  12. JackD

    Latest Verisign Industry Brief

    Latest Verisign Industry Brief Shows .Coms & ccTLDs Outperforming the Overall Market and a New gTLD Plunge Read More ....
  13. JackD

    It’s Silly to Buy Something That is Much Harder to Sell

    It’s Silly to Buy Something That is Much Harder to Sell
  14. JackD

    Port-out scams involve the malicious transfer of a phone number, away from its current telephone com

    Port-out scams involve the malicious transfer of a phone number, away from its current telephone company to another. By using social engineering and other methods, cybercriminals gain access to mobile phone numbers, subsequently taking over the digital assets of the person it belongs to...
  15. JackD

    #Estibot : New beta version of #domain #valuation tools looks awesome!

    Estibot is widely referenced among domain investors for its domain valuation tool, which has improved over the years. While automated domain pricing tools aren’t perfect, Estibot is constantly adjusting its value assessment algorithms. Read More Do you use an automated appraisal service like...
  16. JackD

    Glory .com Decision is Good but Highlights Out Bound Risk!

    Earlier today, WIPO published the UDRP decision. The complaint was denied and the domain owner (Microstrategy) will get to keep the domain name. This is great because is a high value domain name (they paid $115,000 in 2003 and it is worth substantially more today)...
  17. JackD

    GoDaddy and DomainTools scrap over Whois access

    GoDaddy has seriously limited DomainTools’ access to its customers’ Whois records, pissing off DomainTools. Continue Reading...
  18. JackD

    #UDRP metasearch database falls into the virtual point Copyright https://domaingang, a popular metasearcher aggregating UDRP cases from various sources, has gone bonkers. Instead of displaying a searchable index of current and past cases, UDRPSearch now forwards to the domain SOURCE
  19. JackD

    How WHOIS could survive the new EU privacy law

    Reports of the death of Whois may have been greatly exaggerated. SOURCE
  20. JackD

    From the “scandal” department : Is Pheenix warehousing domains?

    Domain aftermarket and auction platform, Pheenix, received a barrage of unsavory comments over at NamePros. Coming fresh from the drop of several of its satellite registrars, Pheenix appears to have angered a customer, who claims they are “warehousing customers’ expired domains.” The Pheenix...

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