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    HotelSupplies + more & a lot more
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    ARZ(dot)in at Sedo

    Hey everyone, if interested ARZ(dot)in has gone to auction at Sedo with an initial bid of $320 so feel free to bid. In addition to being a great it also means "supply" in turkish. Good luck if you decide to bid on it. --Chris Auction Detail -
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    so I just registered What would you guys think it's worth? Thanks, Chris.
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    Taking offers in $xxx.xx range for The month of july saw it get 10 uniques with one clickthrough at 13 cents at Sedo. Imagine if you threw together a small minisite with adsense. It is reg'd at Mitsu until Feb. 28th 2010. Would prefer payment through paypal (verified). Please...
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    So, a few weeks ago, I registered to put up a minisite and see how it performs in the local search engine and with adsense. Well, I slapped a site up but never finished it. In fact, did nothing to it. I check it today and I'm number #2 for the phrase "Venice Italy" in...
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    Great Keyword .in Make offers.

    Multi-forum sale:,,,,,, DebtCollection,,,,,,,,,
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    Just saw auction list for TRAFFIC Amsterdam!

    and while I have many .INs listed in the extended auction I'm excited and honored that I made it into the auction proper with with a 500.00 reserve. Besides that I think the biggest surprise on the list was with a 3000 dollar reserve.
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    A has made it onto The website is MomSourcing where you can outsource your Mother's Day call to your mom.
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    60 dollars each or 100 for the pair. registered with godaddy. expire jan. 2010. Receives a few uniques a month. No revenue. will use paypal or
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    Rick Latona's new website

    So Rick has created a forum dedicated to ccTLDs at - Powered by vBulletin
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    Just hand-regged What do you think?
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    $3000 a day domainer

    Since I don't think they'd mind and for those who don't get their emails I am posting here the newest email I got from them yesterday: I hope you have been enjoying my insight into the various ccTLD markets and videos. One thing I highly recommend is re-reading some old blog posts on the...
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    Just regged & whose est. CPC is $68.00 Any appraisals? Thanks, Christopher
  14. G & 2 others

    Just got finished regging: has a max. ppc bid of 33.11. Appraisals? Thoughts? Thank you kindly.
  15. G and .mx

    What do you guys think about Does it have a future? Right now there are only the secondary domains. However, in a month they will be releasing their top-level domain .mx and whoever owns a before march 1st will have first dibs on the same .mx. Right now it's a little cost...
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    hey guys, Not .in but it is a ccTLD. In fact I was looking this generic up as a .in when I noticed the .us was available so I reg'd it. Any thoughts and appraisals? thanks, Chris
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    Just letting everyone know that I am accepting offers on It is registered with GoDaddy. No website. It has been listed on multiple forums and at sedo. Will most likely use and will gladly split fees. Thanks, Christopher
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    Robots.txt exclude READ: Jeff

    Jeff, Is there anyway you could add a robots.txt exclude to this forum as our posts are being indexed by google?
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    Do parked domains show up in search?

    I'm curious if parked domains show up in search. I've seen what looks like parked pages in a search engine. However, I've never been able to find my own parked domains in a search engine. Any idea? --Chris
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    Just reg'd so I thought I'd tap into the collective community for thoughts and appraisals. thanks, Christopher

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