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    Two .INs in the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction

    Just some FYI ... There are 2 .INs in the master inventory list for the upcoming TRAFFIC convention. TRAFFIC East 2007 : TRAFFIC 2007 Las Vegas, New York City, Miami Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa (Hollywood, Florida) October 9-13 Live Domain Auction: Friday, October 12 Silent Domain...
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    Wanted-SMS Billing Processor

    I'm looking for 3rd party SMS billing processors, prefer Indian owned or based but all others are OK too. This is for mostly digital products with the possibility of some tangibles also. The first goal here is to be a reseller or affiliate for the parent company, to be promoted on my own...
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    TGN Technologies

    I received an inquiry late yesterday (Friday 4/20) by TGN Technologies seeking a price on CCAC.IN Does anyone have any knowledge about TGN Technologies aggressively buying's ? I found TGN Technology easily enough but not TGN Technologies(plural) It has "appraisal scam" written all...
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    No reasonable offers refused :) email: HeavyDuty [at] Sorry, but please don't use free email to contact me, gmail is the only exception.

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