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    Pair of 6-Figure Sales Including Year's 2nd Biggest Top This Week's Sales Chart

    Thank you for your's exciting in DNJournal that and were in the high domain sales. ava2020
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    [.in] Portfolio of 150 // Buy Entire Lot, or Each for $49 and Up

    You have some very impressive, commercial domains! I wish you all the best in your selling efforts. ava2020
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    INDIAN DOMAIN NAMES FOR SALE! High searchwords and profitable cost per click!
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    Become Domain Reseller and earn profits.

    Thank You..I did take advantage of this wonderful reseller opportunity! ava2020
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    BODIS 2.0 / Official Thread

    Congratulations! I wish you well in your new venture. I will check out the service. Thank You ava2020
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    SOULMATE.COM recently sold for..

    Thank you again for such insightful information. I also have 'value' commercial .in domains that I thought would sell like 'hotcakes' e.g health, insurance, telecommunications industry, however, I have only had (152 visits) to be promising. There was another post about selling...
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    SOULMATE.COM recently sold for..

    Thank you for your response. However, as a newbie, it is really difficult to valuate/assess the true value/worth of a domain. Sometimes, a brandable, memorable name without traffic can be sold for xxxxxx to a company or business. I guess that's the risk one takes with domain buying.
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    INSURANCE DOMAINS - please appraise..

    Please appraise the following .in insurance domains: I would appreciate the time and...
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    ECO GREEN Inforum Post is currently #3 on Google Front Page!

    I had sent an eco-green post March 27, 2011 on The ad is currently (at this time/date), number 3 on Google.COM front page. This is an exciting markeing/promotion position for INFORUM.IN. Thank you for the priviledge of posting my domains, questions, concerns and feedback on your...
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    SOULMATE.COM recently sold for..

    $100,000.00 Unbelievable! I have: Would anybody be so kind as to help me appraise these 'soulful' domains! Thanks ava2020
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    .IN Registry's Great Humanitarian Gesture

    What an incredible humanitarian gesture, I agree more domain registries should follow .IN! ava2020
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    Free lists of available domains.

    I tried your free list of available domains 1 & 2 but the website cannot be find. Is there another website? Thanks ava2020
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    Domain-Stats /

    I don't profess to understand the intricacies of the percentages, however, it is really a very interesting site and a valuable tool for domain evaluation. Thank you ava2020
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    ECO GREEN DOMAINS - Are there any eco domainers? has a really interesting 'green; auction listing of their domains, has anybody viewed it? It prompted me to list my eco domains for sale at $99 each which is very reasonable in relationship to the prices I saw on Sedo. (exp 5/5) (exp 5/4)...
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    FREE LISTINGS FOR DOMAINS all extensions..AT offers free listings for domains..all extensions it's worth checking out. I've listed some of my .in domains and have had good response. No sales, yet, but I'm ever hopeful! Thanks ava2020
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    is inforum the top domain forum? yes!

    Inforum was my first time posting on forums. Initally, (and I'm still navigating my way around), it was so confusing that I was too scared to post anything! However, through persistence, patience and kind, knowledgeable answers to my questions from senior inforum members, I have gained more...
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    ($50 - $100.00) Health & Commercial Domains Up for Sale

    Good Morning! Health Domains for Sale - $50.00 each ($100) ($100)...
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    Attention: FREE Green/Eco Domains?

    I have amassed a small portfolio of green/eco domains that will be expiring in April 2011. I will be concentrating my valuable energy and resources on other domain development pursuits. I would like to offer the following domains 'free' to inforum members, however, I do not know the correct...
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    Media, Education, Entertainment names

    Are you still looking for media .in domains? I have If there is an interest, please pm. Thanks ava2020
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    Indian Domainers: How does the process work for dropping domains?

    Thank You So Much for the insightful post. I really did not know about the lengthy expiration process. ava2020

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