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    wish for Christmas

    well i could have wished "good luck" for everything.
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    Penetration by Mobiles in India

    mobiles have got very high scope in recent years, almost every people in metro cities have mobiles in thier hand.
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    i think sagai has more search volume than sagaai, and will generate indian traffic so don't worry about traffic.
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    Message From Planet Earth

    I would have also send photos instead of text if i have given the chance of it.
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    The Perfect Gift - FUNNY!!!

    very funny dude good share indeed
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    this name very popular because of a social bookmarking site running with same name and its quite famous.
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    .in and's domains demands have been increased so far, so its difficult to get good domain names having high search volume keywords.
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    absolutely correct all the points should be kept in mind while purchasing these types of domains.
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    Domain Finance

    domain financing has always made the domain purchasing very easy.
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    its better to sell this one, otherwise this might cause trouble also.
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    Indian Finance Names

    Absolutely insurance market is increasing very sharply in india so it will intresting to buy this one.
  12. B Domains

    yaa i agree with jeff on this lots are availble for registration, so i don't think it will worth anymore.
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    one can never when and what they are going to do, and as above stated igmail does'nt fall away from gmail so it won't create any trouble for them to win it.
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    Growth of villages in India

    wow its really a very sharp growth in just 5 years, becuase as you stated in 2004 they can't even afford bycycles and now in 2009 they high tech profile peoples.i really appreciate it.
  15. B - Desi Facebook

    these types of names are really good if you are targeting indian visitors.A very similar name tvdekho is already famous for watching television channels in your mobile and pc.
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    yaa its a widely used and popular term, and will give the web boost to your site.
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    Laptop Brands

    you could have picked your laptop earlier, but if i would have been there i must have gone for dell only.
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    heyy its a quite great name dude, and please mention some more details about that.
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    Christmas song

    i also use to listen it very often, sometimes i have seen many peoples playing that song in there mobiles.
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    i think it will go out in two figures, and it is right that CCIE is trademark in US.

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