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  1. Branko Jovanovic

    Google Just Made SSL Certificates A Must Have For Your Business Website

    I would agree SSL certificate is a very positive feature of a website. Your website visitors are more likely to share their personal data (email, name etc.) with a website that has SSL certificate. Especially for online retail or a store website SSL certificate is a must-have feature. I for one...
  2. Branko Jovanovic

    GoDaddy gets extensive aftermarket domain transfer patent

    While I approve of protecting customers from domain-name theft, I am sure GoDaddy will demand that other registrars cease and deceit from using such aspect of domain name aftermarket purchase or pay a license fee to GoDaddy if they want to continue using it.
  3. Branko Jovanovic

    Uniregistry released 3,636,440 domain names

    Good info for someone who wanted to get a domain name that they hold, but did not want to pay the re-seller price. Now he can look for that domain name and register it with only the domain registration price.
  4. Branko Jovanovic

    Examples of endusers buying .IN domains

    With .com namespace getting smaller it is inevitable we see more regional domains taking the spotlight.
  5. Branko Jovanovic

    Wordpress Speed Optimisation

    Fully loaded time of 2 seconds is great. Websites who load longer than 4 seconds get search ranking penalty with Google.
  6. Branko Jovanovic

    New gTLDs have lost 2.3 million domains in the past 8 weeks

    They have tryed to give something for almost nothing, but "the free lunch" is never free, they had some strategy behind the offer.
  7. Branko Jovanovic

    All about web hosting

    Great link, I love it.

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