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    Zoho - Next Big thing

    Zoho was an Indian Startup , which I think almost everybody would have used, I Used it for making quick online forms and the Word editor they have. I read an interesting article on readwriteweb on how Zoho can be the next big thing. Read This Article and share your views
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    last Weekend?

    What did you do last weekend? I was busy attending a Rock concert, featuring some of the best local bands, and banging my head around :P What was your routine?
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    Recent Indian Startups

    Which do you thing are best recent startups by Indians, Lets take out labnol ,, zoho and the like out because they are no longer startups. I heard of on the lines similar to Add in more if you know.
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    Google Affiliate Network

    After Google retired adsense referrals, they came up with Google Affiliate Network. Somewhere they wrote it works best with those with majority of US traffic, so is it Worth to use them on Indian websites?
  5. N vs Alexa

    Which ranks are more reliable to check out the traffic ranks about the websites. I have seen some websites which have good Alexa ranks have bad ranks. looks to use weird algorithms for their rankings.
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    Rick Latona's Auction nets $681,850

    This is called the perfect monetization of a Domain name. , someone mentioned Rick as the Domain King, earned $681,850 for an auction they held. Just check out the Prices of the Domain names auctioned at Rick's Read the Article
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    Cheap .in Registrar ?

    I think currently given the choice should go with for .in and for Probably the best of pricing and the service. has higher pricing for
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    How can India's economy improve?

    Frankly speaking, India is facing what US and other developed nations faced 200 years ago or so. Still Indian economy is on a tremendous growth, but taking a deeper look into the Indian society it is becoming a more of a Capitalist economy rather than being a liberal one.
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    Hottest topic of domain today

    I Agree with Ceres, there are so many names which usually you can't find on the regular .com, org or net extensions which are still available in .in tlds. Frankly they can be monetized a lot better way more so because India is just evolving as an online community.
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    Best Practice to sell of a Domain?

    If someone remembers there was a thread in which A buyer had charged back through PayPal after getting the domain transferred, which meant the domain was in fact stolen. So what are the best practices that one must follow to safeguard one from such Anomalies. Most of us do use PayPal for...
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    take it or leave it?

    Its not actually a bad domain, a pretty decent one, So I think you should hold at this price and probably get in for a better deal. Go by a bit what DomainWalla says, develop it a bit and then sell it off, rather than parking it at SEDO.
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    Best portal for website resell?

    Rightly pointed out by the Admin and the Mod, Rather than for a domain itself, if it is a developed site, Content itself makes it more worthy, and in many cases content makes a domains worth.
  13. N Live

    Teach us some English on the site :P I think It could be better developed as an English learning forum, or something on the lines of an encyclopedia / quick reference guide for English, of for that case any other language.
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    Registrar required!!!

    GoDaddy used to give domains at 6.99 + ICANN fee ( with the coupons) so what are the current rates of the Wholesale for the Domain registrars? I wanted to know how much is the pricing going to increase?
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    Your First Mobile Phone?

    Which was your first Mobile phone, Mine was a bulky, Nokia 3315, I still have it(but don't use it) and it still works. :p Which was your first one?
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    How do you start your day

    I start by getting out of bed, and freshening up my self. Then only I can think of doing anything else. Next comes a short walk or Job down the lane and voila I am awake.
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    Zero size catching up !! !!

    Size zero in my view is like being an example of under-nourished personality. Being thin is okay but being extremely thin is frankly bad. You should be healthy first of all and then comes being thin or not.
  18. N ( on Sedo auction

    Yeah, This is pretty low in my view too. Because we have an already established football club in its name already. So You should have got a bit higher. Nevermind, better luck next time.
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    India featured in Verisign's "Domain Name Industry Brief" in JUne 2008

    Yea Jeff you are right, None of the mainstream businesses feature a .biz extension just a few of the new businesses. Frankly I think when they get to know of domain market, they go in for better extensions, leaving .biz extensions.
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    My new baby

    Yeah, thats frankly great. This is a potentially worthy domain name, and Should give in high returns. And Probably you got too quick a reply for from namepros :P Great Going.

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