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    Indian domains wanted

    Good for eCommerce -
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    Locate your phone

    I cam across this site, thought I will share with you guys. Locate your phone Phonelocator periodic is a free service to help you keep tabs on the location of your phone. It runs in the background and can periodically update the phone's location to the Phonelocator server. Updates can also be...
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    Has the .IN Promotion Gone On Too Long?

    longer promotional causes lots of domain drops.
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    Part Timer OR Full Timer

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    Registrar Discount Coupon Codes

    does anybody know cheaper .in renewal/transfer registrar? I have few that needs renewing. much appreciate your quick reply
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    Dropping LLLs

    @Jeff, thanks for sharing. do you know whats the website? thanks
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    Another domain price estimator

    Has anybody tried this? How reliable it the service? Stimator
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    Epik For Domainers

    I am going to remove my domains as well.
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    How to Approach an End User?

    I recently recieved an email from somebody in china for the similar domain name with .cn extension. ---- extract ------- Saturday, October 17, 2009 1:04 AM From:"domainsale" <>...
  10. H - Watch Indian Movies online free

    Nice site. I have watched couple of movies already ;-) Thanks
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    New Parking/Monetization Method

    I am using it. and - good page rank too. hope that helps.
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    I am selling MediaPlayer let me know if anybody is interested. Just to let you know its a premium domain
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    Neo, You can also buy "Tohfa" this is available. Will create your brand ;-) Cheers
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    Epik For Domainers

    I will anyway wait for a month and see if I see there is any improvements.
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    Epik For Domainers

    but how do you monetize the domain names at epik. for e.g, parking service namedrive, sedo give you option to put your own key words. do you go through SEO path?
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    still a long way

    Would this be because of people registered them because of promotional price and hoping to sell them off for more before renewal? But this may also lead to lot of drop offs if they don't sell before renewal, so probably we should see lots of available May-Aug 2010.
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    Epik For Domainers

    i have just submitted couple of my domain names.lets see whether they accept it or not ;-)
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    Article feeds

    Looks like there a problem accessing your site or may be some problem with the registrar?
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    Article feeds

    I think this site allows you to create rss feed from your site. What I am looking for is to publish articles from other websites - for e.g if you look at any noomle parked site - (see on the left/right hand side you see auto generated feed being published on the site. Is there a way...

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