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    pokern DOT in

    No you wont get any preference by SEs in Germany. What I meant is Germans like .in, and pokern being German word the domain will make sense to Germans so your target buyer should be a German.
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    pokern DOT in

    There are two things which play into adding value to this name: 1. .in works with Germans, and pokern being German translation of "poker" compliments the extension. 2. High CPA industry so automatically raises the money you can get for it. If only SEs were ranking .in same as .co is to .com...
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    I N and B H

    If you dont want $4k ..then develop > put a money convertor on it and make money thru display ads
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    Affiliate program for online degree/s?

    Hi, Is there an affiliate prog for "online degrees" in India ? Thanks bdss
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    Gajab DOT com

    what price range are you looking for?
  6. B Yours thoughts pls on singular and plural domain name pricing

    Thanks for the comments WOT. I am not worried about finding an end user, bought this name few months back so was planning to hold on to it for a while and as you suggest developing seems to be a better option.
  7. B Yours thoughts pls on singular and plural domain name pricing

    Thanks Indy , very insightful information. I am not worried about SEO as both domains can be optimised for plural and singular without much issue. One important point the article did mention was Google suggesting the keyword which I overlooked. Becoming an affiliate sounds like a good idea...
  8. B Yours thoughts pls on singular and plural domain name pricing

    My congratulations to the seller of The purpose of this thread is to figure out: i)what would be the diff, if any, in the pricing of the singular (I own it) and plural version ii)which one is better Here are some thoughts: Pricing factors: i) GKT ii)Product buying quantity (is...
  9. B and keywords domains for sale payment details..thanks
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    Finance Education link for sale

    tell me more : which site, cost, market etc
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    We're back!

    good to know it is all sorted
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    India 2011 - Special Conversation with Sam Pitroda and Aneesh Paul Chopra

    excellent link...guys who are interested may want to read this book: India 2020 (A Vision For The New Millennium) by Former President Abdul Kalam and Y S Rajan India 2020 (9780140278330): A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Y.S. Rajan: Books
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    Premium .In Forum Memberships ????

    Donate button is a sensible idea..just like Jeff wants to keep it free, some domainers would also like to show their appreciation towards the good work he has put in. I am new here and the information I have picked up in the past few weeks, no amount of money can provide. That is the...
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    How to add users on ?

    no the only direct way apart from invitations at individual level is to send Inmail ( which is paid service) and not worth it for the solution your are seeking.
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    Please appraise my indian states/cities/towns .info portfolio

    Very wise words. Thank you for sharing. As for the appraisal I recently got into .in space so wont know the value. Sorry about that. Regards bdss
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    WoodenFurniture.In (SUPERB DOMAIN!) LOOK !!

    if you mean preference towards .in over g TLDs and other cc TLDs for search ranking in India (Google,Yahoo etc) I agree...if you mean .in over, it wont matter which extension it is ...the only thing in the later that would matter is the popular extension among the two will get more...
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    WoodenFurniture.In (SUPERB DOMAIN!) LOOK !!

    nice name Ryan..not sure about the price it would fetch ..but a name with a future is always nice to own
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    If you are looking here, you want a domain right ?

    Thanks for the kind words ryanmlanane , I look forward to interacting with all .in domainers and learn from your experiences of this yet untapped market. And ofcurse thanks to Jeff who I am guessing is the owner of the forum.
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    If you are looking here, you want a domain right ?

    looking for 1 or 2 product or service keyword names city name as well though considering your previous thread on geo names I don't think I will get any decent city name in this budget but worth mentioning budget $100-$500 per name

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