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    time spent on social bookmarking

    see its not depends on time, its depends on your work.the result take some time but you should go for bookmarking,forums,blogs and all.
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    Need a Designer for a Simple Website

    we are mumbai based and give you the best design in simple for your website.for more consultant you can call +91 - 9820937711.
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    this your site or you are going to develop? if your going to develop than the idea is very good.i think today women are getting more busy and they like to shop online because i am also a girl and i also prefer to shop online because of my busy schedule.but before opening the website you should...
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    What knowledge have you gain from

    knowledge never going to over flow..but its good to get as much as possible.
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    Pagerank (PR) Update 11/8/2011

    my one is also did well...
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    i am agree with domianpundit , you should think about it again.
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    great, nice to see the domain .in, very useful
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    why directories ?

    the directory helps to improve your sites traffics and Page rank of the websites. the rank of the page is also very important, which shows the quality of the sites. and its also helpful for the back links.
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    why directories ?

    Directories are helpful in increasing the traffic on your web page...because the sites are increasing that's y directories are also increases...
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    “India Formally Proposes Government Takeover Of Internetâ€Â

    hey great post....hope in future we get great internet speed...
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    India's internet industry

    Ya rite i am agree with you all......but i also think the India is a future market for online industry.....internet industry will grow of the survey report says India is on 7th position for the Face book user .
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    Where are you all from?

    hi i am from India good to see you people..

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