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    How to buy

    Any updates here? I am in similar situation with a simile domain. I have already contacted the owner. He has asked me for a bit higher for his domain. Don't know what I should do?
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    How much should I pay for I am planning a travel agency and think this should be the right name! The guy who owns it is asking for $450 which I think is a bit high! What do you guys say?
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    Cost of

    I think if you can develop a site that lists "techfests" of large universities around the country and similar, I think you can really have a bazooka in hand! Either find someone who is willing to work on it or else drop it from next year!q
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    Worth ? -,,,

    First one is a bit okayish but rest are good. I am sure you would fetch good money for rest of the three. Generally price depends in willingness of buyers so I wouldn't particularly hint towards a fix price but you can definitely hope for what MICE has posted!
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    I am sure you would be little scared and upset after reading the above posts. Well I don't think there's too much of trouble in your domain. I suggest you consult a lawyer if you are willing to develop something around it! Other wise selling it out right would not be much difficult.
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    I pretty much agree, if you can offer the site with the domain, you shall have much better offer! Its like selling a flat with furniture and without furniture. BTW good site you've got there!
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    How much can I ask for these LLL.IN???

    I don't find any real great value of these domains. They are short and sweet but apart from that there is nothing special. Like natureguy I would suggest you to create an online list and put your domains on auction sites for best offer!
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    Appraisal buildingsociety .in

    I feel same like the gentleman above me! The first three looks good while reading, but building something around those names is a bit tough plus they don't pinpoint precisely in any direction so selling it off will also a bit troublesome. might balance the losses in the other three...
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    Appraise my Domain

    I think selling it off would be a good idea if you are not able to develop anything around it! Paying renewal fees and not using the domain isn't a smart thing to do. Sell it off! Post it on Domain Auction sites and search for the best offer!
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    The first two are awesome. Certainly worth a few thousand greens! Third one just might earn you a little lesser. BTW What is "shatraj"? Or is that your typo mistake for "shatranj"?
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    Hello Guys

    I am new here but I am sure that I shall have a great time on this forum. I has my most interesting topic as well as the forum is pretty active too! See you guys around!
  12. R - Environmental Forum

    Wonderful forum. I am sure you will be very successful in a short while. You have really chosen a niche theme. BTW I have registered. Plant my sapling soon!

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