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  1. I and

    I don't think any of these domains can command a decent price. Both of them at max can be sold for 100 USD. They don't direct you to anything and isn't a popular word too. So if you have an offer on hand, better get out of these and start fresh.
  2. I

    I completely agree. Its a fantastic name. I think you shouldn't sell it for less than 1,000. If you wish I could get you a partner who would build a website on this domain. You could command much more price if you develop a website around 2020. Especially its a hot cake right now.
  3. I and few more need appraisals

    You've acquired really good domains pal. I think first two i.e. buygold and hacking will provide you with decent amount of money. I am bit skeptic about chances of the last domain but it would also provide mid xxx and around.
  4. I

    Both are great domains. I am sure you would fetch good income from it. Like jeff said your income would be atleast in 4 figures. But I think that if you can approach right customer. Say some gaming forum or C2W like guys, they might offer some more that what jeff has said.
  5. I

    Helath realted domains & are extremely good domain names. They give crystal clear idea of its relation to health. You can surely expect anything in mid x,xxx. I am not very sure about Maybe you could use Jeff's guess.
  6. I - Environmental Forum

    Same with me. I am also obliged to register on this noble forum. I wish you grow large and that too pretty quick. I think you should do some extra publicity to ensure that people around the world come to know about your noble work.
  7. I

    Will India's version of PayPal be relaunched?

    I really pray to god to give Indian Officials some common sense. I completely agree with Karu. Ultimately they want to reduce money laundering and get revenue from transactions. So why not legalize it and take necessary action to make sure the above.
  8. I

    Where Entrepreneurs Connect:

    I had seen this website a few days back. Its a really good website and can prove to be great source of motivation and inspiration to budding entrepreneurs. Its great to see these young guys venturing out on large scale. They are no more scared of taking risk if they feel that their business...
  9. I

    Most popular business

    This is not entirely wrong tactic to do business. People are doing this since quite some time. Generally the policy is to spend say $ 1000 on development and start generating a decent income on regular basis from it.
  10. I

    Best Practice to sell of a Domain?

    I too have tried sedo's escrow services and I have done it atleast a dozen times. Its pretty safe and I never had a bad experience. Once a buyer had tried to be over smart but sedo took care of him.
  11. I

    I want to have a blog with a domain name.

    Great info Sriz. I never knew you could have a personal domain with any extension and yet get it registered with That could be great. We can have so much freedom in terms of design and layout and yet we could have all the benefits of a blog. GREAT.
  12. I

    cheap domain with email account?

    Actually email accounts are offered by your Host and not your Domain Registrar. I had booked my domain with and then I am hosting my site from knownhost. Now I get my email service from knownhost and not from idotz. So check before you decide anything.
  13. I

    Cheap .in Registrar ?

    I have tried and or maybe .in. I had very bad experience with After I booked a domain with them they never alloted it to me and on top of it they didn't even contact me for 3 days. Then I filed compalint with Paypal and he called me and started abusing me. Anyhow I...
  14. I

    More end users buying domains

    This is what I had anticipated while buying my choice of domains. I had bought a few domains and from them couple of domains that had were bought be an MNC in India for really good price.
  15. I

    Domain Myths

    Thanks for sharing this great info. You guys have actually opened up my eyes. I too felt that .in or .cn domains are restricted to Indian or Chinese customers. I knew that people can access these domains from anywhere in the world but I thought that Indian would not be interested in .cn domains...
  16. I

    Are you comfortable with your body weight?

    While people say I am a bit overweight, I am completely comfortable with my body weight. I can work long hours, run, walk, swim and do everything that a person with lesser weight then me can do.
  17. I

    corrupt politicians

    Almost all the politicians are corrupt in more or less degree. From India to US to Russia to Thailand and all the other countries around the world all the politicians are corrupt. But can we blame them and forget about ourselves? I don't think so. Who offers them chance to be corrupt? Its we...
  18. I

    Love marriage or arranged one?

    I think both has its pros and cons. According to me both are good if partners are ready to sacrifice and co-operate for/with each other. Respecting each others choices is also much important.
  19. I

    TV Commercials

    I don't think TV commercials aren't effective. Infact they are more effective than they ever were. Only issue is that horizons of marketing has expanded from TV and Newspaper to Internet and Cellphones.
  20. I

    How much time do you surf?

    Re: time online I too love surfing internet. Its like swimming in ocean of data of all kinds. I actually own couple of forums and hence I need to be online for significant time daily. The biggest problem I face in staying online is the huge bill I have to pay every month. I pay around 35...

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