WoodenFurniture.In (SUPERB DOMAIN!) LOOK !!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by ryanmlanane, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. ryanmlanane

    ryanmlanane New Member

    Seeking high offers, this is an incredible domain.

    Very high competition ...

    A lot of ads showing up on google.co.in

    3,600 + exact monthly India Searches


    Please post / pm offers
  2. ryanmlanane

    ryanmlanane New Member

    Honestly not selling it, especially now - curious as to what people would offer me though

    Also just grabbed woodfurniture.in from someone else here :)
  3. domaininvestment.in

    domaininvestment.in New Member

    I would say it beats most of the rest of your inventory!
  4. ryanmlanane

    ryanmlanane New Member

    Yeesh, no need to be harsh lol

    Could of just said "You're getting it now" :)
  5. jacksong

    jacksong New Member

    I too know that this is a really good domain.. Being an Indian and living in a location which loves "Wooden Furntiures"

    Whenever some one builds a new house, the wooden furnitures are a must for the elderly people. Even my mom mentions about our wooden furnitures often... i know there are so many companies out there in my city which deals in this area.

    So its a highly sorted after term at least in my state for sure...
    I am not sure about the value or price.. but its a sure hit domain for you...
  6. bdss

    bdss New Member

    nice name Ryan..not sure about the price it would fetch ..but a name with a future is always nice to own
  7. ryanmlanane

    ryanmlanane New Member

    Indeed BDSS - I am curious though what people would offer. I seriously, out of all domains like this the best. Heck I immediately grabbed the other version of the same domain name woodfurniture.in

    I think SEO in India will be much easier with preference towards .in sites but I am not sure. I noticed it did with ONE site I tested, but I let that site go, was osamabinladen.in when he dies ...
  8. bdss

    bdss New Member

    if you mean preference towards .in over g TLDs and other cc TLDs for search ranking in India (Google,Yahoo etc) I agree...if you mean .in over .co.in, it wont matter which extension it is ...the only thing in the later that would matter is the popular extension among the two will get more direct type-ins ...and as the trend is showing .in wins over .co.in for now.
  9. domaininvestment.in

    domaininvestment.in New Member

    Hah sorry Ryan - it's a nice domain.
  10. s51888

    s51888 New Member

    The wooden furniture market in India is not that organised as of now, leaving a handful of small upcoming companies. With the expected infusion of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to go up, i expect this industry going north. I am sure we will see some organisation and in this sector. If i am right, you can either make it a Wooden Furniture manufacturers Directory or pitch it to any upcoming or established companies in this business.

    Believe me or not this year is not good for selling good names like these. I advice you not to advertise names like these as its difficult to resist the temptation when you get an offer which looks good but is not in retrospect.

    This name has great development potential.

    have a nice day.
  11. ryanmlanane

    ryanmlanane New Member

    I agree - it is a very long term hold

    Having both woodfurniture.in (soon) & woodenfurniture.in is great ..

    It will lead to a very nice deal one day. In the mean time I might put up some sort of ebay / amazon site. I am curious, has anyone done any testing with using ebay / amazon ?

    This is the question that I never get answered ...
  12. letitring

    letitring Member

    From the seo point, just to put on some amazon/ebay on the site will not work. Combine unique content with amazon/ebay can work.
    But you need a lot of traffic to make some sales.
  13. ryanmlanane

    ryanmlanane New Member

    Yeah but the question is ... Is it working in the India market explicitly ?

    I know I can do that with .com no problems, but is money being made with .in developed sites using Amazon / Ebay currently ?
  14. letitring

    letitring Member

    I`m talking about India. To many clickers with no sales.
    But Amazon started in india, maybe it should be getting better.
    I mean who in India will buy woodenfurniture at amazon.com?
    But give it a try, never say never :)

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