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    Default Domain Disputed - Need Very urgent help


    One of my domain is being disputed by an entity in US claiming it is violating a trademark of theirs. They have sent me a mail from a gmail id claiming to be a law firm.

    Due to confidentiality I am unable to tell you the name, but the best possible case is that the disputed domain name is a plural of a very common dictionary word.

    For conversation sake, Let the name be -

    A email from a law firm says, PARKS INC is a trademark in US and because of which they want the ownership of and they are asking me to transfer it to them. The email reads that they own the trademark in several countries.

    This email is sent to me and the registrar.

    After receiving this, I checked with my trademark consultant to see if there are any trademarks with the name 'Parks' in India, but the trademark registry did not throw any trademark with the name 'Parks'

    So I trademarked '' myself last week to safeguard the domain

    Now, my question is this

    a) How can a registrar act / lock the domain just by receiving a mail notice claiming a trademark dispute. Shouldn't there be a structural method to follow before locking a domain?

    b) How can a trademark be given to a plural of a dictionary word in US?

    c) Who is the deciding authority if the registrar fails to release the lock.

    d) How many days will it take to resolve such cases.

    Please help me. I have spent a lot of my hard earned money getting the domain and now I am falling in this tangle.

    - Aarhint

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    Default Re: Domain Disputed - Need Very urgent help

    Hello Aarhint

    Your inbox is full, kindly clear some messages so you can receive new Private Messages.

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