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Thread: .IN vs .COM

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    Default .IN vs .COM

    Do you think the adoption of .IN domain names in India will increase in future ?

    Neeraj Kumar

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    Default Re: .IN vs .COM

    It will be dot .com basically for the Indian market.

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    Default Re: .IN vs .COM

    this discussion has brought many times in this forum. the final conclusion is has heavily used extention as of today no doubts about that. But the growth of dot in domains in inevitable, many companies are using .in as their primary domain example / airindia . in / vodafone. in / airtel .in / ...etc .... Many organizations are redirecting their .coms to .ins recently , certainly the future is promising... please remember one thing 1210+ million population and out of that 65 % of them are aged less than 35 , atleast 80 % of the internet users are aged less than 35 .... also please note government is using .in for all the government websites... in the future all these population has to some means has to use government services every day like to pay electricity bill , water bill , house tax bill, to know about passport application , municipality rules for new houses construction ....many more.... I dont know about what will happen about .com usage, certainly .in will clearly break the path and emerge as the highest getting used extension by 2014 end/2015...

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    Default Re: .IN vs .COM

    For Indian market definitely .in or on second place
    Offers invited for >> TaxiRental(dot)in, Sunglass.Tv,,,

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