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  1. DNJ T20 | Top .COM: GAB.com $ 200,002 | Top ccTLD: SAT.CN CNY 680K (appx. $ 108,800)
  2. Times Internet’s GoCricket goes live just ahead of IPL
  3. Sedo's premium .PM auction to end tomorrow!!
  4. Google files UDRP Complaint for Google-Android-Security.com
  5. Sedo Reports $1,3 Million in Domain Name Sales! Arwin.com Topped (No .INs)
  6. Mobile.net wins weekly Sales list at $500,000
  7. Russian ccTLD tops list of most virus infected country domains
  8. Sedo to hold .co.uk auctions
  9. Philip Morris Wins Marlboro83.com domain in Arbitration
  10. Anyone having any Bitcoin related domain??
  11. Fire TV - Could be terrible naming!
  12. casino.sd for sale cheap
  13. BedLinens.com Sells On Namejet For 10% Of What It Sold For 3+ Years Ago
  14. Sedo report $1.2 million in Domain sales
  15. Go Daddy/Afternic Sells $1.9 million in domains led by iAcademy.com (No. INs)
  16. Sedo Transactions Total $1.2 Million Led By Homelane.com For $24K (No .INs)
  17. BestStocks.com domain is up for sale
  18. Great Domain Auctions by Sedo- Results
  19. .NL domain registration to touch 5.5 million mark
  20. Google wins 10 android related domain names in Arbitration
  21. Rent/Lease playwhist.com
  22. Sedo Transactions Total $1.7M Led By ntent.com for $25K; Nm.org $35K (no .INs)
  23. .COM passes 113 million registrations
  24. Posting your Domain for sale for a back link
  25. 280,000+ registrations across all Donuts gTLDs
  26. Interesting Facts About Domains Registered
  27. .CO Internet S.A.S Acquired for $109 Million
  28. Accomodation.com sold for $286,000
  29. Chat.com sold by CBS Interactive for an undisclosed sum
  30. Sedo's spring auction is underway
  31. Moki.com sold for $66,100 on NameJet
  32. GoDaddy.com gearing up for IPO - WSJ
  33. .EU renewal rate tops 80 percent in 2013
  34. King.com IPO targets USD 8 Billion valuation
  35. Afternic/GoDaddy Sells $1.9 Million In Domain Names (No .INs)
  36. Domain Name dedicated to missing Malaysian Airline up for sale!!
  37. 195 Malicious Domain Names Suspended in January,2014
  38. Cars.com seeks $3 Billion USD!
  39. Cabinets.com is now up for sale!!
  40. Graceland.com 20 Year Old Domain Lost In UDRP
  41. Warner Bros wins Gauntlet.com Domain name in Arbitration
  42. 37.COM Sells for Approximately $2 Million
  43. Go Daddy/Afternic Sales Over $2million for the week, No .INs
  44. Sedo Transactions Total $1.3 Million including PEEL.IN for weekending Mar 2nd
  45. Donald Trump of 'The Apprentice' gets $32,000 in cybersquatting case
  46. gTLD Domain count
  47. Apartments.com Sells for $585 Million
  48. Amazon files UDRP Complaint for Amazon-Gift-Card.Org Domain Name
  49. Whisky.com sells for $3.1 million(Domain)
  50. Classic Frank Schilling
  51. 100.com sold for $950,000
  52. Sedo Reports $1 Million in Sales! Copella.com Topped at 20K USD includes MOUSER.IN
  53. Afternic/GoDaddy Sells $1.85 Million In Domain Names
  54. Marlboro files UDRP for Marlboro-Online.biz
  55. Yahoo files UDRP Complaint for YahooContributorNetwork.com
  56. Afternic Reports $2,1 Million in Domain Sales, Led By GoodNeighbors.com at $25,000
  57. Domain Reseller ??
  58. Sedo Reports $1,8 Million in Domain Sales! NO .IN SALES THIS WEEK
  59. Sedo in 2013 sold $70.5 million worth of domain domains, 53% were .com
  60. .CLUB Winter sports auction starts tomorrow at SEDO
  61. JD.com Acquired for $5 Million?
  62. Premium Domain Auctions at Moniker and Snapnames
  63. Marlboro files UDRP for MarlboroApp.com domain name
  64. Free tool to combine keywords and find all possible domain names!!
  65. Bitcoin Shop Inc Acquires BTCS.com
  66. Malls.com emerges this weeks winner!!
  67. What this means to others ccLTDs - CityPlanet inks deal to develop 4,700 .RU Websites
  68. Sedo .Asia auction starting from tomorrow
  69. Godaddy/Afternic Reports $1.9 Million in Domain Name Sales (No .IN again)
  70. Sedo Transactions Total $1.7 Million (No .IN s again)
  71. DepMarc Domain names to be released on 11th March,2014 for registrations by EURID
  72. Malls.com Domain Name Sells for $320,000 at Sedo
  73. Go Russia - .RU ccLTD almost 5 Million Registrations!
  74. Game.cn changed hands for $512,307
  75. Bright.com sold for $120 million
  76. .EU emerges as a clear winner in business websites
  77. January 2014 top sales for NON .COMs
  78. Value of Traffic domains??
  79. Top Sedo Sales for weekending 1/.31
  80. Godaddy weekly sales for week ending 1/31
  81. .ASIA premium auctions on Sedo
  82. .RUHR : First new geo TLD in the market!!
  83. Wan.com sold for $800,000 in pvt sales
  84. Android Niche Domain for sale : AndroidFriends.com
  85. Catchy 6 letter Tech Domain for Sale : TechBt.com
  86. Coupons.com files for IPO of up to $100 mln
  87. Why cybersquatting won't be a big deal with new TLDs??
  88. Yahoo files UDRP Complaint for SiftYahoo.com Domain
  89. eGreetings.com to shutdown on Valentines Day this year!
  90. Shorter .uk ccLTD names to launch on 10th June 2014
  91. Donuts' EAP supported by some registrars only!!
  92. New gTLDs to go live on Feb 4
  93. WAN.COM takes the cake this week! $800,000 Sale per DNJ
  94. Donuts Kicks Off General Availability For Its First Seven gTLDs
  95. Ridiculous 4 letter dot coms for sale!
  96. Sedo Transactions Total $1.7 Million week ending Jan 26th (No .INs)
  97. Afternic/GoDaddy Sell $1.77 Million In Domain Names week ending 1/26/14
  98. ICANN Publishes WHOIS Primer – Global Whois Lookup Tool In Development
  99. VietnameseRestaurant.org
  100. TrueCar.com Acquires True.com for $350,000
  101. The Billion-Dollar Startup Club -
  102. Dailymail.com “Sold For As Much As £1m-plus” (1.65 Million)
  103. BuyDomains defends UDRP brought by Academy Sports
  104. Teamwork.com which sold for 675K earlier this week..
  105. China.com, among world's most costly domain names relaunched to boost Beijing's voice
  106. Care.com IPO priced at $17 a share
  107. Two .xxx domain names sell for $750,000 [ADULT]
  108. CRAFTING.COM sold for $51,500. Check out the top sales for the week!!
  109. Trio of 6-Figure Sales Totaling Over $1.3 Million Top New DN Journal Chart
  110. UDRP panel refuses to give expired domain to previous owner
  111. Jobs.ca sold for $450,000. Nu.com.br sold for $45,000 at Sedo!!
  112. Lot of .INFO domains for sale: Netoption.info, Dripping.info, Underlying.info, etc.
  113. Investing in new gtlds?
  114. .Club: 1 Million Registrations by Year 1, 5 Million by Year 5
  115. 1 Word, 2 Word, Dictionary, Brandable, Adult, Hotel, Cottages etc Business Domains
  116. Some domain names for sell
  117. Christmas Comes Early for Domains With a Half-Dozen 6-Figure Sales Topping Chart
  118. Domain Bargain Hunters Kept Thanksgiving Cash Registers Ringing Last Week
  119. 88888.com Tops New Sales Chart After Changing Hands in One of Year's Top 20 Deals
  120. ccTLDs Bounce Back With Week's Biggest Domain Sale and Six Places on the Top 20 Chart
  121. Freelancer IPO's in australia and beats Twitter
  122. $2.7 Million 2-Letter .Com Tops This Week's Sales Chart With Year's 2nd Biggest Sale
  123. .Coms Fill First 3 Spots on This Week's Top 20 Sales Chart But Non .Coms Also Do Well
  124. Domain Sales Soar in 3Q-2013 - $ Volume Rockets Up 37% From 2Q-13 - Up 47% from 3Q-12
  125. Past Fortnight in the Domain Aftermarket Produced Three 6-Figure Sales
  126. .Asia Domain Price Increased
  127. Domain Aftermarket Explodes With 3 Blockbuster Sales Totaling $2.2 Million
  128. Trio of 6-Figure Sales Including Year's 2nd Biggest ccTLD Sale Headline a Big Week
  129. Pizza.net Changes Hands for 6 Figures in Year's Biggest .Net Sale to Top DNJ Chart
  130. 5 Premium Domain .Com
  131. Six-Figure Sale of Intranet.com Helps Sedo Sweep 9 of the Week's 10 Biggest Sales
  132. Multi-Million Dollar Deal - the Year's Biggest to Date - Leads New DNJ Sales Chart
  133. ener.tv
  134. 3 Letter Domain XP5.ORG for Sale
  135. Sedo & Go Daddy Team Up to Produce 6-Figure Sale That Tops This Week's Sales Chart
  136. 12+ domains at DNX.com: CasinoResort.net, Bookmaking.org, USATaxes.net, Soreness.net
  137. Start $1 only - JEBF.COM - PR3 - Alexa rank - Aged 7 LLLL .com sell as a LOT - Flippa
  138. Selling TradeSmartOnline.com (top broker domain!!)
  139. Russian Girls Reign Over New Sales Chart After 6-Figure Deal at DomainNameSales
  140. (WTS) realestateschina.com
  141. 7-Week Run of Blockbuster Domain Sales Ends But Over 30 Solid 5-Figure Sales Booked
  142. Do the Math: Domain Market Comeback Continues With Blockbuster Sale of MathGames.com
  143. selling methanediesel.com & methane-diesel.com
  144. 8ets.com (Bets.com) - Taking Offers!
  145. How Bill Karamouzis Plans to Change the World With a Big Idea and a Bold Domain Buy
  146. Igloo & DNS Team Up For $600,000 Sale as Domain Market's Hot Streak Continues
  147. DJI.com Sold for $300k
  148. 3-Letter .Com Sells for 6 Figures to Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart
  149. Key Domain Sales Indicators Turn Positive in 2Q-2013 - $ Volume & Median Prices Rise
  150. $380,000 Deal Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart as High End Resurgence Continues
  151. www.abortionyes.com
  152. Selling DOODLE.NAME
  153. Blockbuster Sale of 114.com is #1 on DN Journal's New Weekly Top 20 Sales Chart
  154. Price Paid for Brand.com Revealed - It's the Biggest Domain Sale Reported This Year
  155. Looking for partnership or suggestions!!!!
  156. In One of the Year's Top 5 Sales Trek.com is the Star on This Week's DNJournal Chart
  157. Brandable .com domains
  158. Week's Top Domain Sales Include One of the Year's 10 Biggest Non .Com gTLD Deals
  159. 6-Figure Drought Ends With DomainNameSales Ringing Up One of Year's Top 10 Sales
  160. Six-Figure Sales Drought Reaches 3 Weeks But Market's Mid-Range Continues to Bustle
  161. ccTLDs Take 9 Spots on New Sales Chart But No 6- Figure Sales for 1st Time in 8 Weeks
  162. Select.com Tops This Week's Sales Chart - Seller Gets 1,100% Return on His Investment
  163. Trio of 6-Figure Sales Including Year's Biggest ccTLD Deal Fuel Big Week for Domains
  164. Keyword "the hindu" Over Million of exact search volume/month. View for details?
  165. The world most popular fish name "walleye" domain for sale!
  166. One of the Year's Three Biggest Sales Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart
  167. CashPaidForProperty.com
  168. PropertyBoughtForCash.com
  169. www.games-shopping.com for sale (now with content)
  170. WTS- whole range of amazing domain names!
  171. WTS- Gambling/Betting names need selling- unbelievable price!
  172. FOR SALE: Bespoke website with over 400 Premium/Keyword domain names
  173. Twin $200,000 Sales at HuntingMoon Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart
  174. Lord of the rings domain .com
  175. 2 PR2 Premuim Domains for Sale At a Cheap Price
  176. t1i.co.uk for urgent sale
  177. How do i get back the domain i transferred in sale which turned into a scam?
  178. Week's Domain Sales Include 1 of Year's 10 Best + Top 10 ccTLD & Non .com gTLD Sales
  179. Dictionary domain hindi to english and few others
  180. aptly.me - 50% of proceedings go to a charity you choose
  181. 2-Word .Com Clicks for 6 Figures at Sedo as They Post 12 of Week's Top 20 Sales
  182. Onboardings.com
  183. .PW - Professional Web?
  184. Big Week for Domain Sales w/ 2 of the Year's 10 Biggest Deals + 2013's Top ccTLD Sale
  185. Flurry of NDA Sales Leaves Door Open for Lower Level Deals to Take Top Spots on Chart
  186. DomainHoldings Rings Up 6-Figure Sale to Take Top Spot on This Week's DNJ Chart
  187. 113 .com names. Offer/Counter Offer.
  188. ccTLDs Take Top Spots on This Week's Domain Sales Chart & Claim Nine Entries Overall
  189. One and Two-Character Domain Name Auction
  190. Afternic Locks Up the Top Spot on This Week's Domain Sales Chart With LawHelp.com
  191. 3-Word Portuguese Term Produces Week's Top Domain Sale - .CA Domain Fills #2 Slot
  192. Selling large domain portfolio of aged domains
  193. Sedo and DomainNameSales Trade Punches to Sweep 9 of the Week's Top 10 Domain Sales
  194. DomainAdvisors Get Their Mojo Working With $300,000 Sale That Tops This Week's Chart
  195. Estate.com Changes Hands in 2nd Biggest Sale of the New Year to Top DNJ Sales Chart
  196. State of the Industry: 15 Experts Weigh In on Where We've Been & Where We Are Heading
  197. Sedo Posts Year's 2nd Six-Figure Sale to Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart
  198. Software Company's $375,000 Domain Purchase Tops This Week's Sales Chart
  199. 24x7, Lottos, PokerHoldem, Cheaps, N-Z, WhyPremium.com & More
  200. FundInTrust.com, FundsInTrust.com
  201. Princessie.com, Queene.net, Queenlet.com, StQueen.com
  202. Best Extension of website
  203. defray.org, defray.co, defray.me (defray is the synonym of pay)
  204. HUGE LIST...looking for offers...
  205. Forex(FX) domains, low price
  206. Silver.com Strikes Gold - Closes 2012 Sales Season in One of Year's 3rd Biggest Deals
  207. Agriautos.com is for sale
  208. future potential
  209. filpping in 2013
  210. sedo great domain auction
  211. first new gTLDs
  212. godaddy and .co
  213. PREMIUM Domain || ADBOI.com || for SALE!
  214. Exact Match Domain
  215. DomainNameSales Goes on a Tear With a Hand in ALL of Week's 11 Biggest Domain Sales
  216. FreePussyRiot.net
  217. blog domains
  218. nametumbler
  219. multi-milion dollar sale
  220. 7 figure sale
  221. buying typos?
  222. stop relying on appraisals alone
  223. another way to find end users
  224. .pw domains
  225. valuable drop catches
  226. new lease of life for leasing
  227. leadrefs(dot)com
  228. selling to end users
  229. domain promotion
  230. latest .co sales
  231. factors for buying domains
  232. Aftermarket's Mid Range Back in the Spotlight While the High End Takes a Breather
  233. Four 6-Figure Sales Totaling Nearly $1 Million Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart
  234. Premium 3 Letter Domain For Sale
  235. Bulk Deal: 4 Aged Domains for $500
  236. Twin 100K Sales at Sedo Spearhead Another Strong Week for Domains
  237. HOSTPLANZ.COM dropped domain ready to register
  238. Semi-Premium Brandable Pronounceable Domain(+logo)
  239. One of Year's 5 Biggest Transactions Headlines a Solid Week in the Domain Aftermarket
  240. 3Q-2012 Domain Sales Show Rise in Median Price & Transactions But Total $ Volume Dips
  241. D-L-D .com -- 7 year old AND 2 MORE
  242. Premium .com domain name
  243. Big Week for ccTLDs as They Take 8 Places on DNJ Top 20 Chart Including 5 of Top 10
  244. George Kirikos Uncovers 3 Sales Totaling Over $1.1 Million That Top New Sales Chart
  245. PREMIUM Domain name || BLOGGERTUTOR.com || for SALE!
  246. Over 50,000 Views in 2 months! Premium Domain Name! www.BurnTheBenjamin.com
  247. www.TragicApple.com - Premium Domain name lots of potential! 9196 Visits in one month
  248. Formula 1 team woos INDIAN CYBERSQUATTER, then files complaint and wins.
  249. Platinum.com Strikes Gold - Tops This Week's Chart as One of Year's 5 Biggest Sales
  250. Where's the Afterparty? At #1 on This Week's Domain Sales Chart!