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  1. Nominet hires Venture Capitalist as new CEO
  2. Arab.com and Holiday.com with highest starting bid on Breathe Luxury auction
  3. .EE domain registration price reduces from 12 to 9
  4. Sedo reports $1 million in domain sales: Angel.in tops the chart with $30,000
  5. Arabian domain names like Arab.com to be auctioned in World Travel Market
  6. End user domain sales
  7. Sedo.com- UI.UX Update?
  8. Ebola.com sold for $200,000
  9. Alibaba announces new 'Alitrip' brand and acquires the domain name Alitrip.com
  10. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East to commence in 2 days
  11. "Why .com had a good quarter (and .net didnít )", Andrew Allemann, DomainNameWire.com
  12. Another 5-figure sale - RGM.com for $35,299
  13. Clinics.VEGAS Sells For $6,000; Diet.VEGAS $5,000; The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 Sales
  14. Sai.com sold for $95,000 on Flippa
  15. Vodka Maker KV Spirits buys KorsVodka.com for $750,000
  16. Sweden holds auction for 349 previously blocked .SE domains
  17. Premium type domain REGISTRATION!
  18. Snapnames 2014 Year-End Premium auction Underway
  19. Good News: Any domain seized, not owned by defendants, will be returned
  20. Microsoft wins SkypeQA.com in Arbitration
  21. Expired domain report. iWealth.com for $12,000
  22. Namejetís top expired auction IDAI.com for $31.5k
  23. The domain name Lov.com sells for $91,800
  24. NewYork.ES​TATE Sells For $9,000 | The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 DN Sales Lists:
  25. Domain names becoming big business in China (.IN's WAKE UP CALL and need for a 4.CN)
  26. VeryExclusive.com domain name sells for $30,000 on Sedo
  27. Sedo reports $1.2 million in weekly sales
  28. Wealth.com is now up for sale
  29. Athlon.com sells for 100,000 USD @ SEDO
  30. EXCELLENT ADVICE: Due diligence is necessary before buying liquid domain names
  31. StripChat.com Sells for $50,000 USD
  32. Baylor University wins BaylorClub.com domain in Arbitration
  33. Non .COM gTLD sale for September
  34. MySchool.com domain name survives UDRP second time
  35. September highest reported ccTLD sales
  36. EURID announces .EU finalists
  37. Top domain sales for the past 2 weeks - DNJournal report
  38. TRAFFIC Conference in November. Prices to increase significantly
  39. News Corp Acquires Publicly Traded Move.com For $950M
  40. M8.com domain sells for $75,500
  41. Rightside hackathon to create tools to support gTLDs
  42. Escrow.com acquires Agreed.com
  43. Sedo reports $1 million in sales: cabs.com sold for $50,000
  44. Four reason why you shouldn't consolidate your domain names
  45. Verisign wants you to know: You .COM is still waiting
  46. Domain renewal Scam: ICANN spoof
  47. ICANN: Looks Like 2nd Round Of New gTLD Wonít Open For At Least 4 Years
  48. Koko.com sells for $100,000
  49. I.de hits $50,000 in Sedo's auction
  50. Rob Grant closes Six-Figure sale of TorontoRealEstate.com
  51. HISTORIC - Purva.com Lost In UDRP After Winning Last Year: Brokers Email Key
  52. 7 out of 10 dot COMs searched are available
  53. Donuts wants to patent Domain Protected Marks List
  54. .Com Is Rocking
  55. Amazon buys .BUY for $4.6 million
  56. Igloo acquires Aftermarket.com
  57. .NL registry crosses 5.5 million mark
  58. Two six-figure sales Tops weekly chart at DNJournal
  59. Five premium domains delivered daily to your Inbox
  60. Yahoo wins ToHackYahoo.com domain name in Arbitration
  61. Flippa Latest Sales: VisitRome.com $16,000 Yabai.com $11,100
  62. August 2014 highest non .COM sales
  63. Sedo's page rank Auction is Underway!!
  64. employment.london is for sale
  65. End User Sales | Andrew Allemann | DomainNameWire.com
  66. Decoded.com Sells For $50,000 | Java.CLUB For $3,000 | SEDO.com Weekly DN Sales Lists
  67. Looking for dropped domains? Here are some that you may be interested in!!
  68. Buying an expired name? Run a background check first!
  69. Twitter buys Digits.com domain name. Is there something new coming up??
  70. The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 Sales | Top SALE / Top .COM: Digital.com $373,750
  71. How much is a $35 domain worth? We are talking about Guitar.com
  72. Sedo reports $1.4 million in Weekly sales! Musik.de sold for 99,999 EUR
  73. Yahoo files UDRP for YahooAcademy.com
  74. Highest reported sales for August 2014: Check.com sells for $1 million
  75. Sedo's numeric auction: 13.com hits $300,000. 19 hours left before auction ends
  76. The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 | Top SALE / Top .COM: Maca.com $150,000
  77. The band Grand Funk Railroad winsthe domain name GrandFunk.com
  78. Epic domain video launched for the sale of the domain name - Addictively.com
  79. Chinese cyberthieves steal Domain names from Godaddy
  80. Domainers wish the Domain Mogul, Ron Jackson on his 40th Birthday!!
  81. Second round of new gTLDs application on ICANN Board Agenda
  82. Holiday.com Hitting The Auction Block & ďExpertsĒ Predict it willl fetch> $30 Million
  83. Jessica Alba's Honest.com valuated at $1 billion
  84. The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 DN Sales List | Top Sale/Top .COM: CHECK.com $1 Million
  85. Jahreswagen.eu domain name sells for 12,000 EUR on Sedo
  86. 2 letter .COM domain Overview - Excellent article
  87. Expired domain report for this week
  88. Big sale-out, Q-R.in and many more LLL.biz, .eu
  89. Get the best price for your domain
  90. What are others buying from SEDO?
  91. Greatest Domain Investor of All Time
  92. Reverse domain name hijacking ruling over SaintLazarusUSA.com
  93. .id - Indonesia
  94. 4Chan loses domain name dispute with Oversee.net
  95. Have a look at top 10 domain sales for 2014
  96. Client of Mark Monitorís Buys iPick.com From Vertical Axis
  97. Sedo's Numeric Auction inventories are out
  98. Flippa sale ends in chargeback for transferred domain. Is Paypal ignorant?
  99. At-Large seeks your feedback on the Second Atlas Declaration
  100. SMS spams are getting popular
  101. A report on Verisign's monopoly contract
  102. DNS Belgium warns against similar domain names
  103. Nominate your favorite .EU website for .EU web awards
  104. ICANN grants data retention to French and German registrars
  105. HTTPS sites will get better ranking on Google
  106. The Year's 7th Reported 7-Figure Sale Tops This Week's DN Journal Sales Chart
  107. Odd UDRP Claims Technological confusion
  108. Growth of .COMs in the last past 5 years
  109. SONY forgets to renew domain name, SOE.com site down
  110. BTC.com domain name sells for $1 million
  111. ICANN Seeks to Hire Registrant Advocate
  112. ICANN Approves Investment Policy Statement Update for 2014
  113. Special IP Address Alerts System Administrators of Potential Threats
  114. ICANN extends the term of President and CEO Fadi Chehade
  115. ICANN declares that ccTLD is not a property in case of Iran ccTLD dispute
  116. Sedo Powers 16,216 domain sales in the first six months of 2014
  117. DNJ Weekly Top 20 DN Sales:
  118. EURID announces new expiry date for .EU domains
  119. Tou.com sold for $194,000
  120. Sedo reports $1.9 million in sales
  121. Germany's .DE Approaches 16 million registrations
  122. Flora ICT acquires FreeGames.com Domain name
  123. Block Chain Start-up Chain.com Inc. Acquires Chain.com
  124. New Domain Auction APP for iOS users
  125. Microsoft files UDRP for XBoxOneDigital.com
  126. 155 domains removed from delegations for TLD RU/.PФ
  127. Advice.com ultra-premium domain name is now up for sale
  128. Demands for .COM/.NET slowing: Verisign Financials
  129. Heritage Auction results
  130. DNJ TOP 20 | Top SALE / Top .COM: PY.com $358,000
  131. Neustar's revenue up by 8% for second quarter
  132. Sedo reports $1 million in sales this week
  133. WorldChampions.com domain name is now up for sale
  134. Heritage Auctions third live auctions starts on July 24
  135. MakeSomeNoise.com sells for $40,000
  136. Highest reported Non .COM gTLD sales in the First Half of 2014
  137. June 2014 highest reported Non .COM gTLD sales
  138. Yahoo files Complaint for Yahoo-Mail.us Domain name
  139. ICANN releases new gTLD contracting statistics to July 18
  140. Domains related to Malaysian Airline crash already registered
  141. Logics.com sells for $50,000
  142. dotFM releases the top 40 .FM websites and brands
  143. DNJ T20 | Top SALE: Zhaunxue.com ("Transfer", Chinese) CNY 1.18 Mn. (approx $190,098)
  144. GCA.com sells for $90,000
  145. Highest reported ccTLD sales for June 2014
  146. Top 20 Most expensive .COM sale for 2014 till now
  147. Domain names may include Armenian Alphabet from next year
  148. Texas A&M Acquires 12thMan.com
  149. SnapNames July Partner Auctions ends next week
  150. Nike files complaint for NikeQA.com
  151. Yahoo wins YahooFree.com domain name in arbitration
  152. Sedo reports $2.3 million in domain name sales
  153. .US prices hike
  154. .RU domain names approaching 5 million registrations
  155. YahooCityAds.com goes to Yahoo
  156. Yahoo files UDRP for YahooPostOffice.com domain name
  157. SEDO.com Weekly DN Sales Lists | Top .COM: MM.com $ 1.2 Million
  158. Sedo's LLLL.com domain auctions is Underway
  159. Survey shows that Australians prefer .AU domains
  160. .DE approaching 16 million registrations
  161. Israel now owns .ir?
  162. ICANN reinventing WhoIs System
  163. Sedo reports $900,000 in Domain name sales.
  164. Yahoo wins Yahooos.com Domain name in Arbitration
  165. Google attempts to shake up domain registration industry
  166. MM.com Sells For $ 1.2 Million | SEDO.com's Dave Evanson brokered the transaction
  167. Yahoo wins back the domain name YahooFree.com
  168. CENTR has published the june DomainWire report
  169. Google Files UDRP for nine Google Glass Domains
  170. Symphony.com sold for $375,000
  171. Sedo reports $1.1 million in domain name sales
  172. No sale on sedo's .BID and .TRADE auction
  173. .BE registrations to cross 1.5 million mark soon
  174. Yahoo files UDRP complaint for YahooCityAds.com Domain
  175. The world's shortest domain name X.UK is up for sale at EUR10 million
  176. BTC.com up for sale
  177. Suzies.com wins weekly sales list at $62,050
  178. Sedo reports $1.1 million in domain name sales
  179. 50,000+ .UK registrations on the first day
  180. Yahoo files UDRP Complaint for YahooStores.com Domain name
  181. Highest ccTLD sales for May 2014
  182. Moda.tv sells for $30,000
  183. Active strategies in approaching an end user
  184. QM.com domain is up for sale
  185. PVP.com sells for $70,000
  186. DNJ T20 | Top SALE: SCADA.com SOLD For $ 110,000
  187. Afternic reports $2.28 million in Domain sales led by SteamEngine.com
  188. Gerry Chernoff sells Scada.com for $110,000
  189. SCADA.com Sold For $ 110,000 | (SCADA = 'Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition')
  190. GoDaddy.com / AFTERnic.com Weekly DN Sales Lists | Top Sale: SteamEngine.com $ 38,000
  191. Yahoo files UDRP seeking control of domain name YahooCityAds.com
  192. VitaminC.com domain nam sells for $104,000 on Sedo
  193. .RU domain names approaching 5 million
  194. Applicant For New gTLD .TVS Files UDRP On TVS.com;
  195. EveryDayCounts.com sold for $40,000
  196. Starting off as a Domainer?? Here are some tips!!
  197. DNJ T20 | Top .COM: EveryDayCounts.com Sells For $ 40,000
  198. GoDaddy.com / AFTERnic.com Weekly DN Sales Lists | Top 'New' TLD: Room.GURU $ 6,450
  199. Yahoo files UDRP for Yahooos.com domain name
  200. Yahoo files complaint for YahooFree.com domain name
  201. Sedo is holding DotAsia premium auctions
  202. Autos.de sold for 120,000 EUR
  203. Orgasms.com sold for $38,000 on SnapNames
  204. 35 premium .BUZZ domain names on sale at NameJet
  205. Lolly.com sold for $50,000
  206. Sedo's .CO.UK auctions is Underway
  207. Medicare.com Was Acquired For $4.8M by eHealth Insurance
  208. Autos.DE (Germany's ccTLD) Sells For EUR 120,000 (approx US$ 166,000)
  209. DNJ T20 | #1 FlashCards.com Sells For $ 250,000
  210. GoDaddy.com / Afternic.com Weekly DN Sales Lists:
  211. UK police close down 2,500 domain names that were selling counterfeit products
  212. Live.tv sells for $500,000
  213. Fashion.tv sells for $125,000
  214. FlashCards.com domain name sells for $250,000 on Sedo
  215. Four letter domain auction at SnapNames is Underway
  216. Sedo to host .ASIA domain auction in May
  217. Yahoo wins Yahoo-Eg.net in arbitration
  218. MI.com sold for $3.6 million
  219. Election.com domain name sells for $65,100
  220. Buying.com now live on auction on Sedo, hits $50,000
  221. New website for ICANN
  222. Yahoo wins HackYahooFree.com domain name in Arbitration
  223. Amazon files UDRP complaint for AmazonGiftCard.Org
  224. DNJ T20 | Top .COM: GAB.com $ 200,002 | Top ccTLD: SAT.CN CNY 680K (appx. $ 108,800)
  225. Times Internetís GoCricket goes live just ahead of IPL
  226. Sedo's premium .PM auction to end tomorrow!!
  227. Google files UDRP Complaint for Google-Android-Security.com
  228. Sedo Reports $1,3 Million in Domain Name Sales! Arwin.com Topped (No .INs)
  229. Mobile.net wins weekly Sales list at $500,000
  230. Russian ccTLD tops list of most virus infected country domains
  231. Sedo to hold .co.uk auctions
  232. Philip Morris Wins Marlboro83.com domain in Arbitration
  233. Anyone having any Bitcoin related domain??
  234. Fire TV - Could be terrible naming!
  235. casino.sd for sale cheap
  236. BedLinens.com Sells On Namejet For 10% Of What It Sold For 3+ Years Ago
  237. Sedo report $1.2 million in Domain sales
  238. Go Daddy/Afternic Sells $1.9 million in domains led by iAcademy.com (No. INs)
  239. Sedo Transactions Total $1.2 Million Led By Homelane.com For $24K (No .INs)
  240. BestStocks.com domain is up for sale
  241. Great Domain Auctions by Sedo- Results
  242. .NL domain registration to touch 5.5 million mark
  243. Google wins 10 android related domain names in Arbitration
  244. Rent/Lease playwhist.com
  245. Sedo Transactions Total $1.7M Led By ntent.com for $25K; Nm.org $35K (no .INs)
  246. .COM passes 113 million registrations
  247. Posting your Domain for sale for a back link
  248. 280,000+ registrations across all Donuts gTLDs
  249. Interesting Facts About Domains Registered
  250. .CO Internet S.A.S Acquired for $109 Million